‘Wonderful’: Darren Anderton says Tottenham have made a ‘gamechanger’ of a signing now

James Maddison has been Tottenham’s biggest signing of the summer so far, and Darren Anderton is a huge fan of this addition to the Spurs squad.

Indeed, speaking on The Debrief Podcast, Anderton has been discussing the signing of Maddison, and he says that this is a brilliant signing.The pundit spoke incredibly highly of Maddison, claiming that he is a gamechanger and is exactly the type of player Spurs have missed since the departure of Christian Eriksen back in 2020.


Anderton hailed Maddison and his abilities.

“Brilliant, a gamechanger, he can change games on his own with his ability. We’ve missed that since Eriksen left the club. He’s a Tottenham player, he’s gifted, he’s got wonderful talent, he scores goals, he makes goals, a wonderful signing, really looking forward to seeing him in a Tottenham shirt,” Anderton said.

Can be amazing

James Maddison certainly has the ability to be a gamechanger for Spurs, but he can’t be a one man army.

We saw last season at Leicester that Maddison can be a star man in a team, but if he doesn’t have the right moving parts around him, that doesn’t matter.

If Harry Kane leaves Spurs, there is a very strong argument to make that Tottenham will be going into next season with Maddison as their best player, and after a year where a team with Maddison as their best player was relegated, that isn’t promising.

Of course, as things stand, Spurs look to be quite well set up for a successful season with Maddison pulling the strings for Kane, but if the England captain leaves, Maddison’s impact may not be as great as many would hope


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