“will join Tottenham” – Matt Law confirms Premier League man will join the North London club

Rob MacKenzie, the former director of recruitment for Aston Villa, will be joining Tottenham Hotspur’s team.

According to a number of stories today, including one from Matt Law of the Telegraph, MacKenzie is anticipated to become the club’s new top scout starting next week.

His tweet was:

Rob Mackenzie has left Aston Villa and will return to Tottenham as chief scout the following week, reuniting with fellow mover Johan Lange. Mackenzie formerly held a position at Tottenham.

Johan Lange, who started his new position as technical director at Tottenham earlier today, will be reunited with him.

The choice to add MacKenzie and Lange is indicative of the club’s continuing transformation since manager Ange Postecoglou took over in the summer.

After spending 18 months at Tottenham earlier in his career, MacKenzie’s return is viewed as a big step in improving the club’s recruiting and scouting capabilities.

The team’s current performance in the league, which has them sitting atop the Premier League table, has added to the optimism among Tottenham supporters. The club has made nothing but positive improvements and appointments since the summer.

Excitement has been expressed regarding the club’s future due to these moves and the rumored move towards letting new hires flourish in their positions without much intervention from Chairman Daniel Levy.

Spurs lead bitter rivals Arsenal by two points and are unbeaten in the league right now. Additionally, they lead Manchester City by five points.

One significant event that could determine if Spurs are in the running for the title is the January transfer window.

Additionally, the newly scheduled appointments will have a full schedule.


‘He should be at Tottenham’: Jamie O’Hara wowed by thriving Danish man at London rivals

Jamie O’Hara has declared that Thomas Frank “should be at Tottenham” in light of his performance at Brentford.

Brentford, without Ivan Toney, defeated Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea 2-0 at Stamford Bridge over the weekend.

According to former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara, who spoke to Sky Sports News, Thomas Frank is a manager who “always delivers” and “what a manager” he must be to play for.

Spurs have Ange Postecoglou in the dugout, of course. Top of the Premier League standings, and their supporters would not trade him for anybody.

But given how well he’s performed at Brentford, is it possible that someone like Thomas Frank will soon be leading a team in Europe?

One of the Premier League’s most underappreciated coaches, the Dane guided the Bees to their promotion and their recent top-half finish.

Thomas Frank at Brentford

“What a manager, I mean,” O’Hara exclaimed. The athletes’ desire to play for him was evident. He has a pretty nice side and always delivers.

“Brentford is not among the top sports teams in the world. Which is London’s fifth-biggest club? Well done, them. The Stamford Bridge is rocked by them. They have assurance.

But it’s visible. They are in unison. battling for one another. They understand what it’s like to play for Brentford and Thomas Frank. He is skilled at bringing out the best in players.

“What a fantastic job he did. A manager to aspire to be like. to play for a Brentford team. Let’s face it, Thomas Frank belongs with the Spurs. He ought to be at an elite club. He’s a senior manager. It’s a blessing that Brentford has him. Every week, he consistently delivers quality work for them.

Underrated Thomas Frank

It should be mentioned that there are many excellent teams in the city, overwhelming the London club.

In addition, Brentford has one of the lowest budgets in the competition and doesn’t spend as much as the majority of the Premier League.

Nevertheless, they have steadied their position in the Premier League, finished outside of Europe in the previous campaign, and defeated Man City, the reigning champions, both at home and away in 2022–2023.

Frank also has no problem changing up their playing style. Whether that means being straightforward and forceful. or making their way between groups.

In any case, it amuses the impartial parties and elevates the man in the Brentford dugout to the status of one of the league’s most underappreciated coaches.

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