‘Why do that’: Tottenham players did not want to pass the ball to one particular teammate against Fulham

James Maw thinks that Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg was being avoided by Tottenham players by trying to pass the ball to him.

Hojbjerg’s status has declined under Ange Postecoglou, who is not sufficiently impressed with the Dane.

Ange prefers to start midfielders Pape Matar Sarr and Bissouma.

But Hojbjerg had a unique chance to start against Fulham because of Bissouma’s ban against Luton.

The seasoned midfield player also had a “outstanding” performance. He did a good job filling in for Bissouma and had strong defensive play.

However, Maw occasionally saw that certain members of his Spurs team were not passing the ball to him.

Regarding the 28-year-old, he stated:

“Yeah, there were a few instances where you could see the center backs preparing to play out before realizing it was [Pierre-Emile] Hojberg, at which point they appeared to reorganize and play a slightly different pass.

“Yeah, he was really good, and I believe it kind of sends a message to those other fringe players that even though you might not get a chance to play for a while or even start one, you can still play really well.”

Hojbjerg’s lack of playing time has been linked to a January move away. Atletico Madrid and Juventus, among others, are expressing a strong desire to sign him.

However, Spurs might not let him go because they don’t have many midfield options and Bissouma and Sarr are anticipated to miss up to six weeks of football due to the impending AFCON.

Hojbjerg has shown himself to be a dependable midfield player, and Spurs could use his services.


Although he does not anticipate Tottenham Hotspur to challenge for the championship until one of the other contenders experiences a major setback, Simon Jordan has stated that Ange Postecoglou deserves a great deal of credit for the energizing impact he has had at the team.

Tottenham is still unblemished nine games into the season, having won seven and drawing two.With 23 points earned in his first nine Premier League games in charge, Postecoglou has broken the previous record for most points won. (ESPN).

Some are now wondering if the Lilywhites can continue their run and contend with teams like Man City and Arsenal for the championship, but Jordan believes it is doubtful.

Can Tottenham actually challenge for the PL title?

“If we see a decline in Manchester City, we see a decline in Arsenal, Liverpool don’t pick up their standards from the disappointment of last season, Man United continue their decline, then we can have this conversation,” he said in response to a question about whether Spurs could win the league.

“No, I don’t think Tottenham Hotspur will win the Premier League if we’re talking about people maintaining a certain level.”

Jordan, though, made it plain that he is a huge supporter of Postecoglou, complimenting the Australian for the type of team he is assembling as well as his media relations style.

“I am an absolute stalwart for supporting Postecoglou,” he said. He seems like a fairly sane management to me. I listened to Tim Sherwood tell me how he became frustrated with the training ground’s wonderful dryers.

“This person informs me that they have excellent training facilities. His task is to assemble a team, and they have the best stadium available.

“They were able to draw with Arsenal. They received a fortunate victory over Liverpool, and in the past, Tottenham has defeated Manchester City.

“I still think Tottenham has a lot of work ahead of them, but from a footballing and media-facing standpoint, they’re a far better team than they were a year ago.”

Jordan acknowledged that he had not anticipated Spurs to get off to such a strong start to the season and made the argument that Harry Kane’s exit may have been advantageous to the team.

“I didn’t expect Tottenham to be top of the league, but I did expect Tottenham to have a Postecoglou effect,” the former owner of Crystal Palace continued. that they would be a topic for conversation.

“Even if Tottenham were sitting here in fourth or fifth place in the league, we would still be exclaiming, ‘This is a really fantastic

Because it’s radiators and drains, the departure of Harry Kane has opened a gap for others to fill. It is crippling to hear Harry Kane describe himself as a radiator and a drain that he want to go every year. Since he is no longer there, others have an opportunity.

It’s evident that the vast majority of Spurs supporters are content with a top-four finish this season and are not amenable to ideas of a possible title run.

Even though the majority of these pundits did not believe that Tottenham would finish in the top four at the beginning of the season, some members of the media seem to be seriously doubting the club’s ability to win the title, and they would be the first to accuse the team of “bottling it” if we are not successful.

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