What VAR were saying during the 2019 Champions League final is now very interesting after Klopp’s comments

In, to put it mildly, questionable circumstances, Tottenham defeated Liverpool on Saturday.

The team of Ange Postecoglou benefited from a questionable VAR decision that incorrectly disallowed a goal by Luis Diaz.

After the referee and Stockley Park’s interactions were recorded and made public, the VAR crisis only became worse.

Jurgen Klopp then demanded a rematch of the game as a result, setting off a tremendous fan meltdown across the board.

Since nobody is acting logically right now, Jan Vertonghen and Jamie Carragher have both voiced their opinions on the possibility of replaying the 2019 Champions League final, which has been loudly advocated by the Spurs team.

The VAR audio from the 2019 Champions League final, which is easily accessible and depicts a completely different picture from this weekend’s occurrence, is something that many people don’t seem to be aware of.

Whatever your opinion may be regarding the notorious Sissoko handball, the authorities present were adamant that they were ‘100% accurate’.

The handball regulation has, of course, changed since then, but at the time, this was the appropriate decision, so requests for a rerun of the game are a little bit false.

Klopp’s request for a rematch of this weekend’s game is also somewhat absurd, but he does have more standing to make that kind of request than any Spurs supporter discussing the 2019 Champions League final.

The judgement about the Sissoko handball was debatable, but the officials present were confident in their choice. However, with regard to the Diaz goal, they made a glaring error that they instantly realized they had made.

Although Tottenham vs. Liverpool certainly shouldn’t be replayed, there is a lot better case for doing so this weekend than there ever was for the 2019 Champions League final.



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