What Gary Neville said about Tottenham’s ownership on Twitter today

After making remarks regarding the North Londoners yesterday, Gary Neville asserted that Tottenham Hotspur’s ownership is “stable.”

Neville answered some criticism on social media today about his remarks made following the Manchester Derby.

The analyst saw his former team lose 3-0 to Manchester City and got into a heated argument with Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports.

He asserted that during the summer, Ange Postecoglou arrived to Tottenham in a “stable” position, in contrast to Erik ten Hag.

Neville’s remark undoubtedly confused a significant portion of Tottenham supporters, given that Postecoglou came to the team with a bit of a mess following his transfer from Celtic.

In fact, following their worst Premier League result in a decade, Spurs sold their all-time leading striker on the eve of the season.

In addition, there was a great deal of discontent among Spurs supporters, many of whom were calling for a transfer of ownership.

Neville has now replied to a social media admirer who was keen to bring all of this to his attention.

Neville makes claim about Tottenham’s ownership

Neville didn’t go into any detail on his claim that Tottenham was “stable” prior to Postecoglou’s appointment. However, it’s reasonable to argue that his opening remarks were off-target.

Despite arriving to Spurs in a bit of a mess during the summer, the Australian manager has virtually single-handedly turned the team’s fortunes around.

In terms of how long ENIC has owned Spurs, the club has experienced steady ownership.However, due to intense scrutiny around Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy over the past few years, things have not been easy.

They appear to be back on the right track, and although Levy deserves some credit for bringing in Postecoglou, the Australian’s influence in North London has merely made things seem more “stable.”

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