What Gareth Bale said about Tottenham sensation that will get you amazed.

Aaron Ramey remarked that he “wished” Brennan Johnson had not joined Tottenham, and Gareth Bale responded by sharing his thoughts on the matter.


Aaron Ramsey made fun of Tottenham over Brennan Johnson’s £47.5 million transfer from Nottingham Forest, and Gareth Bale has answered.

Johnson, who completed his trade on deadline day, cost Tottenham nearly half of the £100 million Bayern Munich paid them for Harry Kane. After moving up from the Championship, the Welsh international made an impact last season, scoring eight goals in 28 Premier League games to help Forest avoid relegation.

Ramsey, an ex-Arsenal midfielder and Johnson’s international teammate, admitted that he ‘wished’ the forward had not joined the Gunners’ north London rivals after Johnson joined Spurs after appearing in their first three games this season.

While on duty with Wales, he was queried about the move and said, “I hope it weren’t to Tottenham. “I hope he can take the next stages and advance to the next level because the potential he has is pretty frightening.

He will be crucial for Wales as well. He’s going to be incredibly important to us in the future, and we’re all thrilled that he now has a new opportunity to grow.

When asked about Ramsey’s remarks, another Welsh icon and former Spurs star Bale could not help but respond with a dig of his own at Arsenal. When asked by Sky Sports if Johnson had chosen the right team, Bale responded, “For sure. superior than Arsenal!

He is doing fine. I believe he will improve if he plays more games in the top division right now. The possibilities are endless, as you mentioned. Tottenham and Wales benefit as long as he plays football, develops, and performs well.

According to the press release, the new shirt “builds on more than a century of tradition” and is an updated version of the famous uniform that earned Spurs the moniker “Lilywhites.” The new jersey has a linework pattern that is both subtle and recognizable, and it is claimed that this pattern was inspired by “the borough’s vibrant music scene and streetwear culture of the borough of Tottenham.”

When Tottenham hosts Sheffield United on Saturday, Johnson appears ready to make his debut, and they’ll be hoping to keep their perfect record going. Bale has also been quite impressed with Postecoglou’s quick results for Spurs.

He continued, “It’s nice to see, I think they’ve got their style back; that’s something the club was definitely searching for as well. “A fantastic beginning; perhaps the team will do much better moving forward.

They will undoubtedly continue to improve under the new manager and his or her new management style. We can only hope that they will take a chance on themselves.

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