‘What an idiot’… Chris Sutton slams Neal Maupay after clash with Tottenham star James Maddison

Neal Maupay, the striker for Brentford, has come under fire from Chris Sutton following his antics at Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night.

Last night, the Bees striker infuriated the Spurs players by mimicking James Maddison’s celebration after his early opener.

Following his 15-minute effort, Maupay got into multiple altercations with Tottenham players, including Madison.

After Spurs players rushed into a 3-1 lead, they seemed to make fun of Maupay. Players like Brennan Johnson and Richarlison both seemed to mimic Maddison’s celebration after scoring goals.

After the game, the Spurs midfielder directed his anger towards the Bees striker, continuing the altercation between Maddison and Maupay off the field.

“I just told him you probably have to copy mine because he probably hasn’t scored enough goals of his own over the last few years to have his own celebration,” he added.A brief tale that ended happily for us

Maupay replied on social media, writing, “Unfortunately, we were unable to win.” Compared to James Madison, I have more goals and fewer relegations in my career.

Following his altercation with Maddison on and off the field on Wednesday night, Chris Sutton has now criticized Maupay.

Sutton slams ‘idiot’ Maupay after Tottenham beat Brentford

“James Maddison’s boots couldn’t be tied by Neil Maupay,” Sutton said on It’s All Kicking Off. “What is he doing?” What a fool.

“Maddison is ten times more talented than Neal Maupay, as everyone knows. I have no idea why he did that.

You could call it a little mischievous, but it was a dumb move. Waitrose is Maddison. Lidl is Maupay.

Sutton’s brutality. Admittedly, he raises a very valid issue.Although Maupay has a reputation for tiring out opponents, it’s unclear why he singled out Maddison this past night.

Following Brentford’s early goal in the first half, Spurs were well behind the pace, and it appeared like Postecoglou’s team was becoming fatigued by Maupay’s antics.

However, a few adjustments made at halftime spurred a rally, and Tottenham’s players made sure Maupay was reminded of his previous antics.

Screaming in the striker’s face following Destiny Udogie’s leveler, Richarlison was seen.

While it’s interesting to occasionally see some needle in games, Postecoglou wasn’t a big fan.

The Australian felt Spurs were “sucked in” during the first half and advised his and Brentford’s players to “get into a UFC cage” if they were “brave.”

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