“What a cunning player”Pundit says “ideal” Tottenham player has the ability to appear impossible.

James Maddison, according to Janusz Michallik, is a player for Tottenham Hotspur who truly makes the seemingly impossible appear achievable.


Speaking on ESPN, Michallik listed the vice-captain of the Spurs in his ideal midfield three, which consists of players who are currently making an impression in the Premier League.

James Maddison’s injury, which kept him out of action for the remainder of the year, was devastating for Tottenham. The 26-year-old, who joined the team during the summer transfer window, has been terrific.

At Tottenham, James Maddison makes the seemingly impossible seem probable.

Madison has been arguably the greatest player in the Premier League so far this year. Given that the England international was substituted out of Spurs’ opening three games, it is hardly shocking that the team has lost those three games.

Michallik undoubtedly did not think twice to start Maddison in his ideal midfield three at this precise moment. He also expressed his admiration for the former Leicester City player.

James Madison strikes me as a really astute gamer. He seems to be one of those players who would rather pass the ball than score goals, in my opinion. He makes the seemingly unattainable seem doable. A fantastic fit, as he’s demonstrated,” he said to ESPN.

Spurs managing without their latest lucky charm

Madison has undoubtedly supported Ange Postecoglou’s choice to name him the summer’s co-vice captain.

Though Tottenham has missed Maddison, they have still been able to exert pressure on their opponents.

The Spurs have taken the lead in their previous three games. And on Sunday against Aston Villa, they had the chance to end the match entirely.

At times, the last pass was inaccurate. And maybe that’s why they missed Maddison so much. However, on a different day, Emi Martinez might have had more opportunities to retrieve the ball from his net throughout that initial half.

That being said, Tottenham would benefit more from Maddison’s return the sooner the better.

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