‘Wait and see’: Chris Sutton guarantees what Tottenham fans will be saying about Ange Postecoglou next season

Now, Chris Sutton has made a somewhat audacious guess regarding what might happen at Tottenham Hotspur under Ange Postecoglou in the upcoming campaign.

It appears that everything is going well in North London at the moment, since Postecoglou is leading a promising initiative.

Spurs supporters haven’t had a team with a clear direction or cause for genuine excitement for far too long.

And after a successful January transfer window, supporters should be anticipating even more growth from Spurs in the summer.

An further cause for confidence is the addition of Lucas Bergvall, who will be greatly appreciated during the off-season.

Chris Sutton, though, wasn’t quite so sure that everything at Tottenham would go as smoothly under Postecoglou.

Sutton was first making a generalization about football fans when he spoke on the BBC’s “The Monday Night Club.”

The pundit was talking about some followers’ “everything now” mentality and how he believes they should be more patient.

He then gave the example of Postecoglou’s future.

Chris Sutton thinks Tottenham fans will be frustrated with Ange Postecoglou’s football next season

Sutton was sure that ultimately Spurs supporters would get sick of the beautiful football that is currently being played in North London.

The pundit believed that in order to help his club win, Postecoglou would soon be under pressure from the Tottenham supporters to be more realistic.

“I think we are at a stage where fans want absolutely everything now,” Sutton stated. They desire everything.

“I promise that some Tottenham supporters under Postecoglou will argue that they should be a little more realistic the next season. Hold off and observe.

Naturally, not a lot of Spurs supporters will concur with that at this time.

Postecoglou’s team exhibits pragmatism in its displays even though they play with tactical freedom and don’t always prioritize their back line.

Sutton might be hinting that someday, Tottenham supporters would demand that Postecoglou abandon his lofty position during plays.

But there’s a lesson to be taken from Spurs’ early season trip to Manchester City.

Back then, a lot of people were urging Postecoglou to be more realistic because so many players were absent.

The Australian, nevertheless, didn’t waver and guided his Tottenham team to a worthy point.

Having said that, Jamie Carragher has been complimenting a player that the Spurs seemed to have passed on in January.

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