‘Understand that…’: Fabrizio Romano says ‘remarkable’ striker Tottenham want to sign has been told he could leave in January

This summer saw a number of top attackers change clubs, but Ivan Toney was one forward who was unable to secure their high-paying transfer.

The Brentford attacker is now suspended from football, but it’s hard to avoid the impression that he would have found a new team this summer if he hadn’t been suspended.

Fortunately, Toney will return to action in time for the January transfer window. According to Fabrizio Romano’s article on Substack, Toney may move during the winter transfer window.

It’s interesting that this is happening when Tottenham, who are currently looking for a Harry Kane replacement, is showing interest.

Toney could move

Romano shared what he knows about the ‘remarkable’ striker.

Ivan Toney’s future at Brentford is still unclear, and it will take some time for the situation to become clearer. There is now nothing tangible occurring; it will be discussed in November or December. To my knowledge, he could leave in January, but it’s still unclear where he would go. Right now is not the appropriate moment to make a decision on that matter, Romano wrote.

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Red alert

The top clubs in the Premier League should be on high alert if Toney is going to be available this winter.

In fact, teams like Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester United likely could use a player like Toney in their lineup, so if he’s available for purchase, don’t be surprised if many offers come in.

Toney might very well be among the finest players available in January, so it’s important to keep an eye on this issue.

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