‘Under-appreciated’: Pundit claims no-one has realised how good £15m Tottenham player was vs Manchester United

One Tottenham Hotspur player’s performance against Manchester United may have amazed Robbie Earle, but he has insisted that nobody else will be discussing what he did at Old Trafford.

When Spurs supporters viewed the team sheet for their matchup with Erik ten Hag’s team, they might have become worried. Dejan Kulusevski couldn’t play. And in the midst of the park, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Oliver Skipp performed with Rodrigo Bentancur.

For a large portion of this season, Hojbjerg and Skipp have served as Yves Bissouma and Papa Matar Sarr’s understudies. Only three times this season had the Denmark international played all ninety minutes in the Premier League going into the weekend.

Robbie Earle lauds Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg after Tottenham draw

In the 2-2 draw with Manchester United, Tottenham controlled the midfield fight, and Hojbjerg more than fulfilled his role.

At Tottenham, Hojbjerg hasn’t exactly been the team’s favorite player. Indeed, a lot of rumors have suggested that Hojbjerg would depart Spurs during this window.

But Robbie Earle, who hosts The 2 Robbies podcast, stated that the former Southampton captain should get a lot of credit for his effort against United, but he worries it would go unnoticed.

“I’ll introduce you to my underappreciated performer of the week, and I can assure you that no one else in this nation—or in many other nations where our listeners reside—will be pursuing this same individual. “Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is my underappreciated performer of the week for a variety of reasons,” he stated.

“He’s a 28-year-old Danish international. He played every game of the previous season and a handful of games under various managers before making his fifth start for the Spurs under Postecoglou today. but has become unpopular. Obviously, Maddison’s arrival and the wide players have left a gap in a midfield that often features Sarr and Bissouma, who are abroad for the Africa Cup of Nations.

“However, as an underappreciated player and a 28-year-old international football player, I’ll tell you what: when asked to play, I go for it. I gave it some thought, went into the pitch, and performed ok. His attitude suggests that he is not a whiner. He is not having a falling out with the boss. We’ll have to wait and see, although there have been rumors that they could want to release him out the window.

“However, a true professional showing from the man in the middle of the park, who doesn’t receive media attention, won’t be discussed, and doesn’t score goals or dish out assists—though he did manage a few more than I had previously believed. However, I simply felt that phrase, underappreciated, meant that you needed some good eggs, like Hojbjerg, in your squad to come in and work on days like this one. And I felt he handled that quite masterfully.

Ange Postecoglou can trust Spurs midfielder

Hojbjerg has appeared in every Premier League match since the first day of the season for a purpose. Even though he does not meet every requirement the Tottenham manager has, Ange Postecoglou may still trust him.

For £15 million, he was a solid signing, despite the fact that fans have never fully embraced him.

He is hardly going to make many headlines with his performances, as Earle indicates. Furthermore, he doesn’t always affect the game.

However, with the amount of managed chaos that Spurs games can entail, it is a huge plus to have a player like Hojbjerg who can put on a six or seven-out of ten performance most weeks.

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