Trent Alexander-Arnold says Tottenham have an absolutely ‘exceptional talent’ in their ranks

Trent Alexander Arnold, a defender for Liverpool, has given James Maddison of Tottenham Hotspur high marks.

The Reds star was discussing the Spurs player prior to England’s friendly match against Australia.

With regard to Maddison on Channel 4, Alexander-Arnold stated: “James Maddison is an extraordinary player who receives the ball in very confined areas.

He has worked on it and is really, really good at it. So, you know, I pay great attention to him during training to observe how he does.

How frequently does he check his shoulders? How does he know what’s nearby? When should he turn or set?

Early in the Premier League season, both the Liverpool star and the Tottenham star have been on fire.

Both the Reds and Spurs will be optimistic about their chances of having a successful season, at the very least finishing in the top four. They are also well-positioned to pursue cup trophies.

Key players for their respective clubs and nations, Alexander-Arnold and Maddison will strive to keep their standards high.

Each performed admirably against Australia. Ollie Watkins’ goal was assisted by a cross from the Liverpool player, and the Spurs star was instrumental in much of their forward play.

The Tottenham playmaker and the Liverpool fullback will work to get England to Euro 2024 next summer on the international stage.

The Three Lions are close to earning a spot in the competition. They’ll go through if Tuesday’s match versus Italy goes their way.

The likelihood of Alexander-Arnold and Maddison playing against the Euro 2020 champions are high.


Tottenham chief resigns over “lack of moral clarity” on Israel-Hamas conflict

The chairman of Tottenham’s Tribute Trust, Jonathan Adelman, announced his resignation in an open letter that criticized the team’s response to the Hamas attack in Israel.

In light of the club’s inadequate response to the most recent Hamas attacks in Israel, the chairman of Tottenham’s Tribute Trust has resigned.

Following the terrorist group’s strike last Saturday, more than 1,300 people died. Since then, Israel has reacted with airstrikes that have killed over 1,400 civilians in Gaza.

The FA came under fire earlier in the week for being mute about the attacks, and more criticism followed when it was revealed that the Wembley arch would not be lit up in Israel’s blue and white before England’s game against Australia on Friday night.

Tottenham released a statement in response to the attacks on Thursday, joining the FA in doing so. The statement said: “The Club and our footballing family firmly condemns the appalling and savage acts of violence against innocent civilians and is startled and saddened by the developing crisis in Israel and Gaza. The victims, their families, and the affected communities have our deepest sympathies.

However, Jonathan Adelman, the charity’s chair, who was appointed to watch after former players for more than ten years, has harshly criticized the remark. He also said that he would be resigning due to the “lack of moral clarity” displayed by a team with strong ties to the Jewish community in an open letter to Tottenham director Donna Cullen and chairman Daniel Levy.

“I simply don’t understand what moral compass, if any, those who wrote and approved the club’s statement have given the savage butchery of Jews by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organization,” the author of the letter wrote.

“I expected nothing better from the FA, but I did from our club,” the player said. “It’s not just because the club has a strong bond with the Jewish community and we have an Israeli player; it’s also because of the club’s commendable stance on things like taking a knee, standing with Ukraine, and other things.”

It has been an incredible honor to assist our former players in their time of need, first as a founding trustee and later as chair of the Tottenham Tribute Trust, said Adelman in reference to his own contribution.

“Dialogue with Daniel and occasionally with yourself (Cullen) was a necessary part of the chair’s job. Since I personally have zero tolerance for anyone who is unable to denounce the bestial slaughter of Jews, I am unable to interact with you any more.

Therefore, I have decided with my other trustees that I will step down as chair of the Tottenham Tribute Trust with immediate effect until such time as those who wrote and approved that statement are no longer at the club in light of your catastrophic loss of moral clarity. TTT will function without a chair for the time being after discussing the issue with my fellow trustees, who are totally supportive.

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