Tottenham man insists he is ‘really suited’ to playing in Postecoglou’s system

Pedro Porro loves his new position on the club and thinks Ange Postecoglou’s system fits his skillset perfectly.

Many doubted Porro’s ability to play as an inverted full-back because he had only played as a wing-back for the previous few years and had displayed some defensive flaws after joining Tottenham in January.

The Spaniard has provided a strong response to that query in recent weeks. Thanks to his vision and passing range, he is a threat whenever he picks up the ball in the middle of the field.

The 23-year-old acknowledged that he is now appreciating the flexibility that the new system has given him.

Under Ange Postecoglou, Pedro Porro feels assured.

Regarding his new position at Spurs, he said to Sky Sports: “I’m well suited to the system, and it’s working incredibly well for me.

“I’ve never played this new system before. As a full-back, I’m playing inside, but I feel comfortable there. You can probably tell when I’m playing that I’m incredibly pleased outside.

Porro acknowledged that in order to play in a back four, he had to improve his defensive skills. He also said that he now knows what Postecoglou and his coaching staff want of him.

“For me, adjusting to the new system hasn’t been too difficult,” he concluded. I have a fairly easy time learning these new ideas.

“I’ve been working really hard on my defensive game, and I think that I’m growing on that front. The difference is that with five [at the back], I’m able to have that more freedom to attack, but with four [at the back], often I’m defending in a line of four.

Although they are different, I feel comfortable in both and will play wherever the coach asks me to. I’m having fun with it, and I feel like I have the vision more and more each day. The coaching team claims that I have the vision to understand this aspect of the game as well as the new system.

Porro proved how dangerous he can be against Burnley when given time and space in the center of the field by spotting Son Heung-min’s run with a brilliantly weighted through ball in the second half.

When questioned about the goal’s position, he responded, “In this particular occasion, I simply tried to remain attentive and I’m always trying to seek for the spaces.

“Quite frequently, what we work on is the need to be prepared and to be able to pick up spaces where you can’t be picked up by the opposition, so that’s really what we work on a lot, and that’s what I’ve done here,” the author said.

To Postecoglou’s credit, he consistently believed Porro possessed the skills necessary to succeed in the inverted right-back position, even though this did not always seem clear to the rest of us. The Spaniard appears to be improving in that position with each game.

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