Tottenham legends share what Postecoglou has done behind the scenes at Hotspur Way

The significance of Tottenham being able to travel to The Emirates and not only claim the victory but also pose a danger to Arsenal with a passionate performance was priceless.

There has certainly been a change at the club; new players have been added to address a number of critical shortcomings, while some of the old guard have been neglected or shunted aside. Even though Daniel Levy may have had some success in selecting his third or fourth first-team coach, one gets the impression that a new chapter has begun.

With regard to The Boy Hotspur’s Substack[£] The information that Alan Smith received from the Tottenham legends he spoke with at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been revealed. Since Antonio Conte’s departure, the environment among the team has significantly changed and is now happier and more focused.

The Tottenham veterans are thrilled with how things are currently going at their club. Tottenham has regained its positive energy; players are grinning on the practice field, and everyone is aware of where they are at all times.

The fact that Antonio Conte famously withheld his team’s weekly schedule from them had an effect on how they planned their personal life off the field. Now, everything is lot more in order. Everyone associated with the club is upbeat. Although it is a bit of a cliché, the club’s supporters do believe that their old Tottenham is back.

Football players may have privileged daily working conditions, but there must be some kind of compromise, or a manager may wind up getting the best of everything.

Conte was hired by Levy after being asked twice, and it is clear that he had success in each of his prior positions. This raises the question of if the influx of fresh talent at Hotspur Way wasn’t greatly overdue.

Spurs are undoubtedly moving in the right route under Big Ange if the club legends are satisfied with what they are seeing internally and we can see more harmony on the field. The father figure strategy appears to be the way to go, and Postecoglou has to continue receiving market support. Another factor that should go in Levy’s favor is that it appears the former Celtic manager doesn’t require the high-priced signings that some managers seek.

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