‘This kid is a nightmare’: Jermain Defoe admits one of his old Spurs teammates was shocking behind the scenes

The legendary Jermain Defoe of Tottenham Hotspur has finally acknowledged that Adel Taarabt was a complete nightmare for the team back in the day.

Defoe was remembering some of his former colleagues while on “Football Firsts” with Troy Deeney.

And when the conversation turned to Taarabt, Defoe was ready to praise his talent but less so his demeanor at Tottenham.

“I remember Adel Taarabt, in training, and that he would try all these tricks and lads used to get frustrated that he didn’t train well,” he recalled.

He skipped meals that we were supposed to be eating, but after we played at home against someone, he did that thing, and I saw it on Instagram.

He would grab it, roll it, and flick it away. He used to do crazy things. So naturally talented.

He did it in the game, and a picture of Didier Zokoro doing it behind him with his hands on his head is available.

He used to simply play the game and you would think, “This kid is unbelievable,” but you would have to make an effort to speak with him because you would believe he is a nightmare.

Defoe said Taarabt did his own thing at Tottenham

Of course, Spurs supporters may anticipate that such a character wouldn’t be valued at Tottenham in today’s society.

Even though Ange Postecoglou is a renowned expert at managing people, Taarabt’s statements suggest that even he may have had difficulty persuading him to change.

Spurs now appear to have a group that is extremely driven and eager to implement all of Ange’s recommendations.

And the outcomes serve as the proof.

It’s not surprising that so many Spurs players, like Destiny Udogie and Ben Davies, are succeeding while on international duty.

While Defoe would argue that Taarabt might have been able to play for this Tottenham team, he would undoubtedly need to adapt his habits.

Since he joined the team, Postecoglou has had a fresh start and appears to have the full support of his team for his goals.

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