‘They love him’: BBC pundit couldn’t believe the reaction £43m Tottenham player got from home crowd yesterday

The defender Micky Van de Ven may become a new hero for the Tottenham Hotspur supporters to venerate for years to come.

While commentating on yesterday’s game for BBC 5 Live, pundit Stephen Warnock extolled the virtues of the quick Dutchman.

The scenes during full-time demonstrate the current level of fervor around Tottenham.

There was celebration all around the stadium when Joel Matip’s errant clearance slammed into Alisson Becker’s net.

The majority of the team sprinted to the far corner to join Pedro Porro in celebration.

The cross that compelled Matip’s blunder was supplied by the Spaniard, who played brilliantly the entire game.

By the midway point, though, Micky Van de Ven simply fell to the ground in a state of relief, joy, and exhaustion.

Van de Ven was put into the team just days after joining from Wolfsburg, and the home crowd has responded to him well.

Even with 11 men, the £43 million defender proved up to the task despite Liverpool having one of the most dynamic offensive lineups in the league.

Tottenham home crowd love Van de Ven

You wouldn’t imagine [Micky] Van de Ven would have that pace, Warnock commented regarding the defender in the first half.

“He can be a little slow for the first couple of yards, but once he gets going, wow, can he motor.

“[Cody] Gakpo believed he was in the rear of that vehicle, but van de Ven simply applied the afterburners. The Spurs supporters responded by singing along to his song and they adore him.

Although Van de Ven’s blistering pace has received much attention, it is by no means his only strength.

For someone so young, he reads the game quite well, making sure he can use his speed to block the attacker’s path to the ball as soon as possible.

Although this has already led to two goals being scored off him this season, Van de Ven isn’t afraid to put himself in the way of shots.

Finding a means to assist Cristian Romero in regaining his best form has been the main focus of his game this season.

Romero was one of many Spurs players that struggled toward the conclusion of the last administration, but because of his importance to the team, when he performs well, it inspires everyone else.

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