‘The next Andres Iniesta’: Journalist says Tottenham have a 22-year-old player that scouts absolutely love

For Tottenham, Bryan Gil might be an oddball player to watch.

The Spaniard is undoubtedly a very gifted football player, but he lacks the physical attributes needed to succeed in the Premier League. As you can understand, this lack of power and speed has recently contributed to his loss of confidence.

Even though Gil had difficulties in England, many people believed he would become a superstar when he signed with the Spurs.

Talking about how scouts saw Gil before he signed with Spurs, Tom Allnutt of The Tottenham Way Podcast says that some saw him as the next Andres Iniesta because of his skill and his experience playing for Eibar, a team known for having a rough and ready style of play similar to Burnley in Spain.

Scouts adore Gil

What Allnutt has heard about Gil was shared.

“I was talking to someone about this who was close to Gil in Spain, and he said it’s difficult for scouts in the Premier League because you look at Spanish talents with technical ability, and you compare him to David Silva, for instance. David Silva played brilliantly while on loan at Eibar, which is similar to Burnley in Spain, and everyone concluded he had all the talent. Bryan Gil did the same,” Allnutt said.

“Thus, Tottenham rolled the dice because they believed he was a young player who had everything, let’s go early and it was earlier than David Silva, but you can’t blame them for doing that. The Premier League scouts were saying this is the David Silva lineage, he has the ability, combine it with the Eibar factor we have the next Andres Iniesta on our hands,” the statement reads.

Needs to bulk up

Gil has the skill to succeed at this level, and his strong showing in Eibar indicates that he also possesses the perseverance, but if he wants to become a household name in England, he will need to put on some muscle.

Gil needs to take after David Silva, who put on a little amount of muscle during his time at City despite always being a very tiny player.

Gil, who is only 22 years old, has time on his side and, given the high regard scouts have for him, he might yet be a future star.

As he continues to mature and improve, Gil is still a player to watch.

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