Steelers owner drops Mike Tomlin vote of confidence amid uncertain future

The owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers sent a message to coach Mike Tomlin with some good news.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in shock following their first-round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, which highlighted how far they still need to go in their quest for the franchise’s seventh championship.

The team owned by Art Rooney must make many difficult decisions this summer, the most important of which is probably whether to keep Coach Mike Tomlin on board. It was recently disclosed that the organization is still considering its options regarding Najee Harris, the running back.

Recently, there was also talk of Coach Mike Tomlin’s contract renewal.

With the summer almost fully underway, Rooney took some time to discuss his candid views on Tomlin’s possible future with the team (and with a tough message about his expectations).

Rooney’s Offers Bold Take on Steelers, Tomlin’s Future 

Rooney II became the Steelers’ owner after his father Art. He has owned the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2017 in addition to serving as their president since 2003.

He revealed his innermost feelings about whether Tomlin still has what it takes to lead the team into next season and beyond in an article that was published on

“I believe that the players still react well to Mike. According to the official Pittsburgh Steelers website, Rooney stated, “That’s No. 1.”

“He still possesses the essential qualities we observed in him upon hiring. He has the ability to hold a bunch of twentysomethings’ interest and keep them competitive for the duration of the season. Continue to feel positive about Mike. Of course, everything would change if I didn’t. Mike wouldn’t be here if he couldn’t lead us to a title. He is here for that reason.

Steelers’ Championship Drought

Throughout their 89 seasons in the National Football League, the Steelers have qualified for the playoffs 34 times and won six championships.

Even though they are regarded as one of the best NFL teams, they haven’t taken home a championship since Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin guided the team to victory over the Arizona Cardinals at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay in 2008.

Rooney seems certain that the famous coach has what it takes to get the job done, even though Tomlin’s club still has a ways to go before they can rival the 2008 squad.

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