Breaking News: Steelers Expecting Changes to Coaching Staff

Pittsburgh Although head coach Mike Tomlin thinks there will be additional coaching staff changes before to the following season, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be searching for a new offensive coordinator going into the offseason.

For his final season-ending podium presentation, Tomlin covered a wide range of topics, including his contract, the quarterback position, and the methods he, general manager Omar Khan, and team president Art Rooney II will use to implement coaching changes. Additionally, he recognized that there will probably be staff change while talking about the team for the upcoming season.

“From a coaching perspective, obviously, things will never stay the same,” Tomlin stated. “While acknowledging that there will be changes, I’m grateful for this group and what they’ve accomplished. I believe that those of us in this industry are aware of that. We’ll approach things methodically and carefully.”

In addition to saying he’s open to expanding his offensive coaching staff as he makes adjustments, Tomlin stated the Steelers will search outside the organization this offseason for a new offensive coordinator.

Tomlin answered, “Certainly,” “As part of the yearly end-of-season assessment, I’m looking at every aspect of staffing, and adding more expertise is undoubtedly one of those aspects.

It’s too early to tell what coaching changes will occur because Tomlin is still going over the 2023 season and talking about the plans for the upcoming offseason. However, as the team concludes the 2023 campaign, adjustments are anticipated prior to their spring return for OTAs.

“I’m not gonna speculate about staffing at this juncture,” Tomlin stated. “I just acknowledge that things change this time of year, it’s just a component of our business at this level and I’m sensitive and respective to it.”

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