Spurs are no longer “Spursy,” according to Gabby Agbonlahor, because of the impact of Ange Postecoglou.

Gabby Agbonlahor thinks that under Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham has successfully shed its “Spursy” moniker.

Spurs have had an outstanding start to the season, winning six of their first eight Premier League games.

The most recent outcome was a 1-0 victory over Luton Town, which the north London team achieved despite suffering the loss of having Yves Bissouma sent off at Kenilworth Road.

Fans are enthused by the upbeat, attack-minded strategy being used by ex-Celtic manager Postecoglou, who has also propelled Tottenham to the top of the table—at least temporarily.

Agbonlahor thinks the Australian manager has already succeeded in eradicating the club’s negative reputation, but that’s not all.

On talkSPORT’s Gameday Phone-In, Agbonlahor said: “We’ve been joking about the term ‘Spursy’ for years, but James Maddison has publicly stated that they’re going to shed that label, and I firmly believe they will.

“I’m watching them right now, and while they made mistakes against Fulham in the Carabao Cup, this team is still capable of winning the FA Cup,” I said.

“I believe Postecoglou will take note of that, play a stronger team in the FA Cup, and why can’t they shed that label? They will, in my opinion, with this manager in charge.

“He uses the right subs at the right time. Look at last season or the season before, we were on here and it was Spurs fans losing their minds and calling in, angry, had enough – ‘Daniel Levy, Daniel Levy’ – you’re not hearing a word about Daniel Levy now.

“He’s just sitting there watching the games, thinking, ‘Ange was a good choice, we put that Harry Kane money in the old savings account – we don’t have to use that!'”

If we had played that match last season, Jamie O’Hara said, “we would have been huddled in, under constant siege, and given up a goal in the 85th minute while blaming Bissouma for everything that went wrong and Conte for our defeat.

“Now that we have a team that can play with just 10 players, we still strive to attack, score objectives, and Ange Postecoglou knows when to make the appropriate substitutions.

You could be thinking, “He should probably change this,’ and he does.

“You see other managers and they wait and wait till something occurs, but he makes those changes before something happens and that’s what I love about him. I’ve been so positive about him and how he can go, but do I think we can win the league? No.”

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