Son’s Tottenham family statement is perfect timing after Richarlison opens up on struggles

The new captain made sure the Brazilian forward, who came off the bench to transform a loss into a win against Sheffield United, was at the center of the celebrations after expressing the need to consult a psychologist while serving his country.

Despite Richarlison’s opposition, Son Heung-min had other plans. Tottenham’s players were understandably engrossed in raucous celebration at the conclusion of the most recent comeback in Premier League history.

After 97 minutes, a day that had the potential to put an end to Ange Postecoglou’s honeymoon was turned around when the Brazilian forward, who had come off the bench with nine minutes remaining in regulation, headed in the equalizer with Spurs’ 27th effort.

Richarlison set up Dejan Kulusevski for a winning shot two minutes later after gaining a fresh sense of confidence.

To make it apparent that the turnaround was all on him, Son was pushing Richarlison into the crowd as the Spurs players basked in their moment. He required numerous prods in the back from his captain before he finally gave in to the ovation.

The Brazilian, who cost £60 million to purchase from Everton last season, had a challenging week. He sobbed uncontrollably while on international duty and announced that, due to problems off the field, he would be seeing a psychologist. Additionally, the fact that he had only scored once all of the previous season when he suddenly found himself on the Spurs bench did not help.

But when he got back to London, his teammates surrounded him, with Son claiming that all he wanted to do was wrap an arm around the center forward.

The Brazilian, who was acquired from Everton for £60 million last season, had a difficult week. While on international service, he sobbed uncontrollably and declared that he would be seeing a psychologist as a result of issues off the field. It didn’t help that, when he unexpectedly found himself on the Spurs bench, he had only scored one goal all of the previous season.

Son claimed that all he wanted to do when he returned to London was to put an arm around the center forward as his teammates surrounding him.

“This is a part of the family,” Son added. When we play with each other, we always want to have fun. Richi undoubtedly had a difficult time and a difficult season. However, I was quite joyful. I think I was happier than he was.

“We need him as a team; he is really talented, but his level of confidence is very different. I only wanted to give Richy the warm embrace he deserved today. He truly displayed his abilities.

Richy is a tremendously strong man with solid morals who usually recovers well. However, you need nice people nearby when times are bad.

I constantly strive to be his friend, and if he needs anything, I can assist him through my playing or experience. Everyone is allegedly supporting him while standing behind him. He did an amazing job today for this club.

The word of family caught my attention, especially in light of the amount of turmoil Spurs has been through this summer.

The move was sparked by Harry Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich, but only Son had been in north London for longer than two years when the starting lineup against a tough, frustrating Sheffield United was announced.

We are getting really, extremely close in the restrooms, but obviously you can’t compare to the real family, Son added. “Everyone sacrifices for one another, works and runs for one another, and engages in combat for one another.

“Everyone is willing to provide a hand if someone falls off. Because of this, we are a pretty powerful team and group. We’re really closing in. We intend to tighten up even more than this.

The distribution of goal scorers unquestionably aids. Richarlison became the eighth player to score in the Spurs’ first five games, and if he can constantly regain that finishing touch, the team might have a successful season.

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