’Some going’: Paul Merson wowed by ‘outstanding’ Tottenham defender against Arsenal

Destiny Udogie’s performance in Sunday’s 2-2 draw between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal was praised by Paul Merson as “outstanding.”

Destiny Udogie was already in the referee’s book early in the match when he enabled Bukayo Saka to cut onto his preferred left foot. Saka then had luck on his side as his effort rebounded off Cristian Romero and into the goal.

Early on in the game, everything started to go wrong for Tottenham and their young defender.

But that’s when Ange Postecoglou’s team showed their true colors, as they upped the ante, impressing Paul Merson, as he told Sky Sports, with their teenage fullback on the left.

The outspoken commentator was criticizing Tottenham in the weeks leading up to the match and predicted that they would be “destroyed” by Arsenal.

The double-winner at Arsenal has been forced to retract his remarks since he recognized Spurs’ outstanding performance.

Destiny Udogie impresses against Saka

Merson praised Destiny Udogie as being exceptional.

“It’s some going for him to get booked that early in the game and then face one of the best wingers in the world in Bukayo Saka.

“However, credit must go to Ange Postecoglou, who told him, ‘I have faith in you, you’re a full-back it’s your job to defend one-v-ones. “Remain on the field.”

“A manager would often eject Saka from a match because you wouldn’t want him to receive a red card. Fair play to the management, though; Udogie did a great job.

A bright future for Destiny Udogie at Tottenham

2019 saw the arrival of highly regarded full-back Ryan Sessegnon, although despite his successes at Fulham, the Englishman has struggled since joining the team.

Injury has been a major factor, but Spurs can only focus on the present.

And that is the reality that Udogie is at the top of his ability, and if even Sessegnon returns from the hospital, the attack-minded fullback will only have a spot on the bench.

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