So Sad:’He Can’t Defend’ Pundit Angrily Blast Tottenham £39m Machine

At Tottenham, Pedro Porro is gaining favor with people quite rapidly.

The Spanish player has significantly improved this season after a difficult start under Antonio Conte at Spurs.

As a rampaging right-back in an all-out assault Spurs squad, Porro has been absolutely outstanding.

The £39 million man still needs to improve in a few areas of his game, though, as usual.

Respectfully speaking, Porro isn’t the best at defense and it’s obvious that he more likes to attack the ball.

Speaking about Porro’s skill and style of play on Off The Ball, Keith Treacy argues that he still doesn’t think the right-back can defend, which keeps him from being a fan.

Porro can’t defend

Treacy expressed his opinion regarding the full-back.

“I’m not sure if he enters the Arsenal squad. Pedro Porro is a decent football player who plays in the Premier League, therefore it goes without saying that he is a solid player. However, he struggles to defend as a right-back. I’ve said it before about Trent Alexander-Arnold: he can’t defend, despite being regarded as the world’s top right-back. Pedro Porro doesn’t seem to have the defensive skills necessary to play right-back, and if he does, it will be a disgrace. Treacy stated, “Isolate him and run at him all day long if I were a coach facing the Spurs.”

Getting better

Although it would have been entirely appropriate to criticize Porro during the previous season, the right-back has greatly improved in recent weeks.

Although he’s not flawless, he isn’t exactly a liability in the back.

Spurs’ recent injury issue would have made it very easy for them to falter defensively, but thanks to an incredible collective effort, they have won four of their previous five games.

Although Porro isn’t the best defender in the game, he is steadily getting better at it.


Report: Tottenham have now decided to sell £20m Paratici signing alongside Sergio Reguilon

Spurs are continuing their January business and may now try to make a profit on the return of defender Djed Spence.

This week, Leeds sent Spence back to north London in a move that surprised Spurs supporters.

When Fabio Paratici was in charge of transfers, Tottenham spent £20 million to acquire Spence from Middlesbrough, but he hasn’t left an effect.Due to his repeated refusals to be chosen, Ange Postecoglou sent him to Elland Road this summer.

It now appears like Spurs will want to sell the defender on a permanent basis.

Tottenham ready to sell Djed Spence after Leeds return

The Daily Mail claims that since Spence has returned to the team, Tottenham is prepared to sell him.

Tottenham will now attempt to take advantage of the situation by attempting to recoup some of the money that Leeds allegedly paid for the defender, Spence.

According to the same report, Tottenham is trying to let go of a few players and is considering selling Sergio Reguilon. This week, the Spaniard returned from Manchester United.

Interestingly, Ryan Sessegnon, who is expected to return from injury soon, is now rumored to be a top target for United.

Spence needs a move

Plus extra for his personal benefit. Spence’s recent struggles are evident, and it comes as a bit of a kick in the teeth for him to be sent back to Leeds.

It appears that Antonio Conte may have been correct about the young defender all along because he does not appear to have a career with Spurs.

He needs to find a way out of this right now and join a team that will consistently provide him playing time and truly invest in him.

He would then have to return to form and perform at the level he did with Nottingham Forest.

Spence is fortunately still young enough to pursue his career seriously. But he feels like he has to do this next move perfectly; it feels so important.

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