“should have got rid of him”, “no one wanted him” – Pundit brutally singles out one player after Wolves defeat

Jamie O’Hara, a pundit and former Tottenham midfielder, harshly criticized Eric Dier, a defender for Tottenham, for his performance in the game against Wolves and questioned his involvement in the two goals the team gave up.

Brennan Johnson’s goal gave Tottenham the early lead in the match, but they found it difficult to hold onto it.

Wolves persisted in applying pressure, and Pablo Sarabia’s goal in stoppage time finally gave them an equalizer.

With Mario Lemina’s goal in the 97th minute, Wolves completed an incredible comeback in just five minutes.

After the game, Ange Postecoglou acknowledged that the outcome was not what they had hoped for, but she also hinted that some players may have lost their legs in the closing moments of the match.

After the game, Jamie O’Hara, a former Spurs midfielder who is now a pundit, launched an enraged tirade on TalkSport, criticizing Ange for always being too aggressive.

In addition, he berated the Tottenham team’s caliber of play and specifically called out Eric Dier for errors that led to both of Wolves’ goals.

O’Hara went on to say that Dier ought to have been traded in the summer but ended up rejoining the team.

He stated:

“Two errors, in no man’s land for both goals—for me, Eric Dier.

“I have no idea where he’s attempting to go.

He’s back at the football team once more.

It was best if we had let him go in the summer. He returned to the team because no one else wanted him.


Wolves 2-1 Spurs: Three tottenham talking points

1. The Opening Salvo

A funny factor about watching Spurs over the years is that generally whilst the heart sinks it does so in the blink of any eye, triggered by means of manufacturing of a pink card as an example, or the sight of a celebrity participant pulling up with grimace on face and hand on hamstring. Yesterday, in a piece of a departure from the norm, the light of desire took the whole ninety minutes to exit, which, as disappointments pass, felt a as a substitute cruel overall performance by using the Fates, the flame in the end being extinguished for precise in minute ninety six, with pretty much the last kick of the sport.

As it occurred – and as actually constantly appears to show up in recent times – the first 15 mins or so was a quite successful technology. Our heroes seemed to boss ownership, shifting the ball quickly and often between the strains, and doing a accessible line in the ones neat line adjustments of direction, whereby they search for all of the world like they’re approximately to pass to Teammate A, thereby compelling the opponent to shuffle in that path to shut down the space, earlier than at the remaining minute passing as a substitute to Teammate B. Simple stuff, however pleasingly powerful, and for that dreamy quarter-hour or so I even puzzled whether Maddison’s absence might honestly be felt at all.

The aim arrived earlier than the dignitaries had finished taking their seats, and whilst young Master Johnson got to run off and do the knee-slide, numerous participants of the assisting cast deserve a good deal of the credit score.

Pedro Porro left his fingerprints all around the flow, first popping up in an attacking important midfield form of spot, to execute a dummy so convincing it seemed to make the Wolves lad contrary query his very lifestyles. And moreover, P.P. Was at pains to illustrate that he is not one truely to finish a undertaking and then sit down back and respect his handiwork via a cloud of cigar smoke, for seconds later he can be recognized in an internal right sort of region, racing on to Kulusevki’s tee-up and handing over a skip that ticked all of the box for younger Johnson.

As stated, in among the good work from Porro and Porro again, the giveth and taketh turned into performed by means of Kulusevski, and in those opening mins he appeared that he become to be the principal character in the afternoon’s leisure. Our lot had been on pinnacle in that duration, and much of our correct paintings become transported from back to the front through his size nines.

He moves me as one of the greater curious beans round, in that he appears to be a pony of the single-trick range, the type who might reduce inner onto his left foot although his lifestyles relied on sticking to his proper. I turned into therefore as bowled over as every other pro Kulusevski-watcher to witness him, within the build-up to our aim, produce that sensitive returned-heeled flick into the path of Porro, within the process sending every nearby Wolves sort off right into a specific postcode.

By and big, he appeared to be having the higher of his unique thrashing out of matters out on the proper. As ever, there was a diploma of frustration at his eventual outputs, which, considering that his debut season, have tended to be quite forgettable, either slammed into the closest defender or sailing off into the mid-distance, however however yesterday one were given the impression that he become set for superb matters.

2. Davies and Dier

Alas, after that pretty perky starting spell, our lot regarded to forget their strains particularly. We didn’t have as lots possession for a start, but as I’ve heard it positioned, under Big Ange our heroes have observed the knack of controlling video games even if not in possession, with the aid of virtue of the excessive-press and whatnot. This great became unluckily lacking the day gone by, but. We can also have led for ninety minutes, but there has been a lot approximately our play of an aeroplane pilot who seems over his shoulders to see one wing has burst into flames and the alternative is disintegrating mid-air. Only the illusion of manipulate, is what I’m getting at.

That we led for see you later is basically because of the mixed efforts of the protecting types, and specifically, the shift installed through of anyone Messrs Dier and Davies. To say that this was a pleasing and most surprising wonder could be to underplay the component pretty seismically. It isn’t always a stretch to report that feverish nightmares and cold sweats have been the way of factors at AANP Towers all week as I contemplated the coming weeks of a relevant defence, and in particular a excessive-line, minus the delights of each Messrs Romero and VDV.

Actually, rather sneakily, Dier and Davies in large part averted the nerve-shredding scenario of repeated sprints from midway against the Wolves forwards by using losing a touch deeper than expected – possibly a perk of taking to the sphere with a complete complement of eleven.

Even so, any pro watcher of these things wouldn’t have needed to give it too much concept before opining that the chances were stacked against our new-appearance crucial defence. For a start it’s been goodbye on account that both of them have commenced one feared they could have forgotten what shape the ball changed into. Any rustiness might had been comprehensible, but no less ideal. I watched on with brow duly furrowed with challenge.

And early on I had correct purpose to throw some properly-selected curses at Dier, for committing himself to a undertaking on round midway, lacking his mark and turning to get lower back with all the swiftness of foot of a heavily-encumbered tanker. But I suppose in a way I had a few motive to thank Dier for his leaden-footedness, for had he now not erred on midway then the world might not have been capable of witness the stirring ultimate-ditch project from Davies, scampering throughout from the left, to thwart an otherwise clear sight of intention for the relevant attacking Wolf.

And having been thrust – a bit unwillingly, one suspects – into the defensive highlight thusly, Davies proceeded to time to a similar degree of accuracy just about every other defensive intervention he changed into referred to as upon to make. The reality that we did now not play pretty one of these shoot-self-in-foot excessive protective line no doubt helped, casting off from the equation the need for any breakneck pace, but nonetheless if his weary friends had on full-time fashioned a shield of honour and shoved Davies thru it, few might have quibbled. (A dashed shame that the equaliser came from a run that would have registered on his radar a mite faster, but I’m no longer certain he can be faulted too onerously for failing to save you a strike of that oomph.)

Moreover, no question stimulated via the smart questioning and performing of the chap to his immediately left, Dier regularly took the trace and commenced to heat to the challenge, the usage of each head and feet to exact effect defensively at numerous points, as well as demonstrating a clear grasp of the play-out-from-the-again memo slapped about HQ by The Brains Trust.

And had he continued to put in force this approach into the 96th minute and past we’d have tootled off with a factor, however within the sort of misstep that he does generally tend to consist of in his baggage, he attempted to execute an offside lure from twelve yards out in the closing movement of the game, instead of, say, racing throughout to dam the shot, and the sport was duly misplaced.

3. Hojbjerg

One of the other consequences of Monday night time’s jamboree become the need to jimmy someone into the Maddison-fashioned hole in midfield. While I’d offered up a sacrificial lamb or inside the desire that Bentancur may get the nod, it became presumably determined that the fellow isn’t always quite ripe sufficient to pick from the begin simply but. Instead, in a triumph for fanatics of the deeply underwhelming, the shirt become thrown at Master Hojbjerg.

And in a nutshell it struck me that if someone were to bottle the essence of Hojbjerg and uncork it at a later date, the day past’s overall performance could be what would float out.

He seemed quite eager to make clean from the outset to even the ones of the meanest intelligence that he turned into very a lot not a like-for-like alternative for Maddison. As such, progressive passes had been at some thing of a top rate, and Hojbjerg alternatively generally kept matters at the unremarkable give up of the spectrum, focusing as an alternative on his pointing and shouting.

As the sport wore on he did on occasion appear to come to be inhabited by way of a few exciting feel of journey that triggered him to project ahead into the final third as a brief auxiliary attacker, but not clearly to any wonderful impact.

Less pleasingly, his penchant remained undimmed for hurling himself to the ground at each given possibility and campaigning for reliable intervention, which I suppose is hardly the front-web page stuff it used to be but still grates no give up round these parts.

Worse than that however, for all his pointing and shouting the chap still has an inclination to forget his protective duties whilst the cry is going up of ‘All palms on deck’. Whether he in reality lacks the health or considers it under him I’m not too positive, however at some stage in his lilywhite profession and again on Saturday, he will be spotted an amazing ten yards at the back of the action as Wolves bodies sped ahead. (Indeed the triumphing aim could have been averted had Hojbjerg carried on monitoring back instead of slowing to a forestall – despite the fact that others around him were probable extra culpable.)

The go back of a presumably chastened Romero in a few weeks will with a bit of luck ease the ache, but for all of the desirable intentions there has been a pretty widespread absence of thrust about our work. If this absolutely had been a glimpse of the way the approaching couple of months will play out one would possibly want to preserve the bourbon accessible.

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