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Shocking News:Brendan Rodgers Makes Shocking Announcement

There’s no chance Brendan Rodgers will try to recruit a goalkeeper in January.

Joe Hart has seldom missed a game since leaving the Spurs in August 2021, but with his contract ending at the end of the season and him approaching 37 in April, something needs to be done about his predicament soon.

With almost 130 appearances for Celtic, the former England goalie has had little meaningful opposition from Ben Siegrist or Scott Bain.

Speaking with the Daily Record about Hart and the goalkeeping issue, Brendan Rodgers said:

It’s not something we’re currently considering. We need to focus on other things first.

I love working with Joe; he’s a terrific guy, but there will be positions in the summer that we can improve on, and the same in January. I hope he keeps going.

We haven’t discussed it. I believe that at that age, he is just content to be playing. Joe’s family is in the south, therefore he has made a great effort to move up here.

Any team would be foolish to switch goalkeepers in the middle of the season; given the specialized nature of the role, it makes far more sense to sign a deal in the summer and give the new player time to adjust.

Goalies have been a great asset to Celtic in recent years, and Hart filled in admirably for Connor Hazard, Vasilis Barkas, and Bain in a position that had been problematic for them throughout the Lockdown season.


Kenny Dalglish delivers verdict on Celtic Park controversy stirred up by Rangers

Legend Kenny Dalglish of Celtic and Scotland believes Rangers have treated the officials unfairly in the phantom penalty issue that erupted at Celtic Park during the most recent derby match.

VAR For his part in the event, Willie Collum has drawn harsh criticism for not asking referee Nick Walsh to examine what may have been a handball by Alistair Johnston.

The Ibrox team and the Scottish FA have exchanged words about it, with many onlookers pointing out that an offside offence in the build-up would never have resulted in a penalty.

Nevertheless, Rangers have caused controversy because of rumors circulating that they requested the regulatory authority to ban Collum from all future games.

Dalglish has questioned the Rangers’ response to the ridiculous request, posing the question of whether any member of the team has ever committed a mistake in their lifetime.

Kenny Dalglish on Celtic Park flashpoint

The legendary football player stated [Sunday Post, 07/01 print edition]: “Willie Collum’s performance in last weekend’s Old Firm game left Rangers far from happy.” While on VAR duty, Willie failed to request that match referee Nick Walsh examine an Alistair Johnston handball that occurred at Celtic.

Although Sima was offside throughout the build-up, it was not a penalty as it appeared. Rangers, though, are seeking clarification on the decision-making process. They would like the audio recording of the officials’ conversations from the Parkhead game to be made public. They have spoken with the SFA. There are rumors that they have requested that Willie stop officiating any of their remaining games.

It’s possible that Willie made a mistake. However, it would have been a truthful one. Does that mean he should be abandoned as a result? No, I don’t believe that.

“Referees already face a lot of pressure. Has there ever been an error at Rangers? Although I support openness, such a move would require the participation of every club and every level of the Hampden administration.

Mark Wilson, a former Celtic defender, has noted that all of this gives the appearance of Rangers trying to deflect.

Once more, Brendan Rodgers’ team emerged from a derby that the Ibrox team was supposed to win, and they haven’t played well at all.

They’ve attempted to place the blame elsewhere rather than own their mistakes. Their enraged fan base has been successful, but many others have not been persuaded to break free from the pram routine by their toys.

In the end, it’s better for the Bhoys not to analyze why they lose these derbies versus Celtic when it matters most.

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