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Shocking News: Sherrone Moore Goes Viral With Forceful Slap Attack On…..

In six of the twelve college football games played during the regular season in 2023, Sherrone Moore led Michigan.

In last weekend’s College Football Playoff quarterfinal at the Rose Bowl, his offense produced 27 points against Alabama.

A video from New Year’s Day is going popular on the internet as the Wolverines prepare for the national title. Shortly after the clock struck zero, a very excited Moore was in the tunnel enjoying his victory over the Crimson Tide.

That was probably the first time he ever laid eyes on quarterback J.J. McCarthy. Moore was, to put it mildly, enthused. There was a noticeable joyous postgame exchange with a high level of emotion.

But even a week later, that isn’t the reason why people are still talking about the Detroit Free Press video.

Apparently, 2024 is the year we start butting heads with the guys. Moore moved past McCarthy, focused on him, and delivered a forceful barrage of blows.

Take note of how Moore closes in on McCarthy before letting loose. He gave some quite rough slaps in celebration! With an open hand and four consecutive full swings that were followed through with force, he went after it.

In sports, buttsmacking is a regular occurrence. Nothing about this is novel or contentious. Simply hilarious!

The video’s humor is found in Moore’s eyes as he walked up to McCarthy.

He was not going to miss in any manner. He made sure to obtain every inch he could because he had clear plans. He made a firm touch. The sound of the slaps reverberated throughout the tunnel of college football’s most renowned and cherished field.

That really is the best thing out there. Guys being guys. Guys butting butts.

Despite all of the turmoil and skepticism from the outside world, Sherrone Moore and J.J. McCarthy have a really unique friendship this year. After their biggest victory of the year, their emotions were running high.

Just picture the intensity of Moore’s slaps if Michigan wins the national championship!

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