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Shocking News as Alabama Coach Nick Saban Will Soon Be No More

Nick Saban, who shocked everyone on Wednesday by announcing his shocking resignation from the Crimson Tide, says he would always think of Alabama as “home.”

After revealing that he was leaving the University of Alabama after 17 amazing seasons as head coach, Saban finally spoke up.

The 72-year-old is the most successful college coach of the modern period, having won seven National Championships, six of which he shared with the Alabama Tide.

“For (wife) Terry and me, the University of Alabama has been a very special place,” Saban remarked.

We have cherished every second of our 17 years as Alabama’s head coaches and our integration into the Tuscaloosa community. It matters more than simply how many games we win and lose; it matters more about our legacy and method of operation.

We have always made an effort to act morally. Being the best player possible, helping players produce more value for their future, and helping them succeed in life as a result of being a part of the program was always the aim. We hope to have accomplished that, and we will always think of Alabama as our home.

Before moving to Alabama in 2007, Saban’s 28-year career as a college head coach started at Toledo in 1990 and continued with stops at Michigan State and LSU.

He finishes his career in Tuscaloosa with an incredible 206-29 (.877) record, which included 44 first-round selections in the NFL draft.

Stuart R. Bell, president of Alabama, remarked, “Words cannot adequately express our appreciation to Coach Saban for his exemplary leadership and service to The University of Alabama over the past 17 years.”

His dedication to quality has established the bar for our program in the classroom and on the field.

“We are appreciative of the enduring influence he has had on our student-athletes’ lives as well as the amazing memories his teams have made for our students, alumni, supporters, and fans.”

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