Shearer claims that the Tottenham star may now like playing even more, which makes me wonder. Kane has gone.

Son Heung-min may be enjoying playing for Tottenham Hotspur a little bit more now that Harry Kane has left the team, according to Alan Shearer.

Following the South Korean’s spectacular hat-trick in Spurs’ convincing 5-2 victory over Burnley at the weekend, Shearer was chatting on the The Rest Is Football podcast.

Son Heung-min’s outstanding performance at Turf Moor has established his credentials and laid a claim to be Harry Kane’s replacement. Naturally, it happens after Richarlison had a challenging start to the season due to Kane’s departure during the summer transfer window.

Ange Postecoglou has had a fantastic start at Tottenham. There has undoubtedly not been a hangover since Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich.

Shearer thinks Son may actually be benefitting from Kane leaving Tottenham

Some might be tempted to speculate about what might have happened if Kane had continued to play for Postecoglou’s Tottenham team. Shearer, though, thinks that since Kane has left, others may have been able to step up their game.

He further speculated that Son might be among those who had embraced the challenge.

“Some of his weekend goals were outstanding. I just wonder if there’s a tiny part of Son that’s loving having greater responsibilities and taking on more leadership roles,” he said in an interview with The Rest Is Football.

“I believe some players will take to that and love it. And given that he appears to be feeling liberated, it appears that this may be the case with him. He might believe that now that Harry is gone, he can express himself even more and participate in more activities on the field.

Son was undoubtedly given the captaincy this summer. And if Harry Kane had stayed, you would think he would have been the one to land the job.

Son is enjoying his new role. And after being named co-vice leaders, players like Cristian Romero and James Maddison have stepped up.

That might not have anything to do with Kane leaving. However, with all the hoopla about Kane winning trophies, there was certainly some pressure on the Tottenham players to try and perform for him.

This current Tottenham team is harmonious and cohesive, and they will undoubtedly go far. And even though Son would never acknowledge it, the club’s new chapter may have some advantages due to Kane’s departure.

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