‘Say it to his face’: Chris Sutton very angry after what BBC pundit has said about Ange Postecoglou

Chris Sutton has been one of Ange Postecoglou’s strongest supporters ever since the day he came at Tottenham.

More often than Joe Root has batted for England, the commentator has advocated for Postecoglou.

Sutton genuinely has a soft place for Postecoglou as a Celtics supporter, and he will fight Postecoglou to the death if necessary.

Speaking on BBC 606, Sutton and Robbie Savage got into a small fight on Postecoglou while debating their candidates for Manager of the Season.

Savage argued in favor of Rob Edwards, saying that keeping Luton in the championship is a greater accomplishment than playing attractive football with Tottenham in fifth position.

As you would expect, Sutton was not pleased with this proposal and took a jab at Savage for showing favouritism towards the Spurs manager.

Chris Sutton not happy with Robbie Savage’s Ange Postecoglou comments

This circumstance led to a slight altercation between the two experts.

“So Chris, Luton Town’s success if they continue to win under Rob Edwards is amazing. What’s better, Big Ange changing the Spurs’ style of play, winning the ‘well done’ trophy, and finishing fifth, or Rob Edwards keeping Luton up?” Savage asked.

“An important question: Why do you support Ange Postecoglou? Would you tell him it out loud? Congratulations on winning the “well played” prize, would you say? No, you wouldn’t. You’re still playing at a non-league level, which is understandable given your severe lack of game knowledge, Sutton remarked.

Both have a point

Both men have valid points in this argument, which makes it quite interesting.

Undoubtedly, Postecoglou has improved Spurs’ performance on the field, but Spurs are now only fifth in the league, which isn’t really an improvement over what Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte were doing.

Football is ultimately a results-driven sport, and while Postecoglou is steering Tottenham in the correct direction, the team hasn’t seen much success under his leadership yet.

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