SAD news for the Kentucky:a key player may not play again….

performance in wins over Ball State and Eastern Kentucky has been less than stellar. With only Akron remaining between UK and the nine-game stretch vs. all-Power Five conference opponents that will end the Wildcats season, the Cats have an acute need to build some positive momentum.

The crowd appeared captivated by every story and sentence from Pope, but a moment that got an almost visceral reaction out of Big Blue Nation was Pope acknowledging the importance of all championships.


“As we go through this journey, we’re here to win banners in Nashville. Because you guys turn out in Nashville like nobody else and that matters. And our job here, our assignment is to go win banners in the final four and win national championships, that’s our job.”

I’d like to introduce my family to your family,” sharing small anecdotes for each lady in his life. “So if you’ll stay with me for a second if you’re a mother, and you can imagine all the pressure and stress that comes with life as a mom and all of the things she has to consider every single day. And we sat around the table and got everybody’s reaction, and with all of the burden, all the grace and courage, and elegance that you can imagine Lee Ann just kind of looked across the bale and said, let’s go!”


And Pope finished his introductory press conference on the same note, “Let’s go! Let’s go, Cats!”


Before UK, Pope coached at BYU. Starting in 2019, Pope coached the Cougars to a 110-52 record with two NCAA appearances. He has a total of nine years of D1 coaching experience. Pope also played six seasons in the NBA.

Kentucky last won the SEC Tournament in the 2017-18 season.


Pope affectionately introduced his family of Layla, Avery, Ella, Shay, and wife Lee Ann to Big Blue Nation as well.

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