SAD NEWS: Ex Raiders QB Died at age of 52

SAD NEWS: Ex Raiders QB Died at age of 52

Poor Oakland. When it comes to the fortunes of that Northern California city regarding professional sports franchises, you should take such a phrase literally for so many reasons.


Let’s start with “poor,” as in sadness over Oakland losing all of its major professional sports teams in a flash.



This is despite its history with the likes of Reggie Jackson, Al Davis, BillyBall (or Billy Martin, if you prefer), Ken Stabler, Rickey Henderson, the Heidi Game, The Bash Brothers, Rollie Fingers, Silver and Black dominance, Charlie Finley with his kelly green uniforms and orange baseballs, Rick Barry before some guy named Stephon Curry.


I witnessed a combination of the above up close and personal while working during the 1980s at the San Francisco Examiner. There was nothing like that view of the sun-splattered Oakland hills beyond the outfield walls of Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum during football or baseball seasons.

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