Sad News For Spurs As 23-year-old’s Tottenham Career Could Be Finished, Amid Reports About £54m Player

Under Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham Hotspur is making progress and is still very much in the running for the top four this season.

The Australian has significantly improved things at the club and infused his own personality into them. This has meant letting go of some players and adding carefully chosen new players who align with his attitude.

So far, it’s worked out perfectly. For this reason, news this week that the team is thinking of calling Tanguy Ndombele back from his loan period came as a great surprise.

The 54-million-pound French midfield player has never performed well at Spurs under any management. However, Postecoglou is rumored to be considering integrating him into the team.

Should Ndombele indeed make a comeback in that scenario, Oliver Skipp, the youthful midfielder, may perceive his time at Spurs as coming to an end.

Ndombele news should make Oliver Skipp leave Tottenham

The 23-year-old Skipp has operated outside the main under Postecoglou. He may not be a consistent starter, but Spurs supporters still think highly of him as a player.

But if Ndombele returns to the team, Skipp needs to give his Tottenham future some serious thought.

In contrast to Ndombele, Skipp is a player who has consistently offered the Spurs his all. It would be a bit of a blow in the gut to see Ndombele return to the middle, and it would show that Postecoglou might not entirely trust the Englishman.

Although Ndombele and Skipp are two different individuals, the truth is that both are vying for a starting position in the middle of midfield, thus it would be devastating for Skipp to see the Frenchman return to the team out of the blue.

Given that clubs like Crystal Palace are rumored to be interested in signing Skipp, he may view Ndombele’s return as the tipping point and advocate for that kind of move.

It would definitely be a valid excuse to end things at Spurs and go on.

It remains to be seen whether Postecoglou will act upon these reports. Oliver Skipp, though, is going to be among the Spurs players who is most intrigued by the situation.

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