Sad: Kyrie Irving announced his resignation with the Dallas Mavericks today… 

Sad: Kyrie Irving announced his resignation with the Dallas Mavericks today... 

Jrue Holiday has one word to describe how he will deal with guarding Kyrie Irving


The NBA Finals will bring Kyrie Irving back to Boston and back to being guarded by Jrue Holiday


There is a very visceral feeling that most NBA players get when they know they have to guard Dallas Mavericks’ star Kyrie Irving. When they are asked about it, they often respond in similar fashion and make reporters confused. Because instead of saying they will guard him well and do everything in their power to stop him, they give up to his talent and skill. And yes, Kyrie Irving is potentially tbe best dribbler and the best ball handler in NBA history. But showing no competitive spirit is something that is hard to understand to this day. One of the players who knows Kyrie Irving well is Jrue Holiday, who has guarded Kyrie since he started his NBA career. Just this past season, Jrue already had to dance with Kyrie in the regular stint.



The response from Jrue Holiday when he is asked what he can do in order to guard Kyrie Irving is very reminiscent to the many times soccer defenders have been asked on how to guard Lionel Messi, Neymar, or Cristiano Ronaldo. There are players in different sports who are simply impossible to guard, and Kyrie Irving is definitely one of those players. As we’ve mentioned multiple times, we are talking about potentially the most skilled player to eve grace the game. It’s not just his ball handling, it’s his shooting, and how clutch he can become when the situation demands for it. Jrue’s response makes all the sense in the world when asked what he can do when he guards Kyrie: “Pray.”



The Boston Celtics are well aware that all the pressure will be on them to respond to being one of the most regular teams in the last five NBA seasons. They have become the most dominant team from both conferences and yet they still haven’t been able to win the championship. For many, a ring is long overdue but Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic may still get the last word about this. Although they haven’t been in this stage since the Dirk Nowitzki days, the generational talent of Luka Doncic plus Kyrie’s veteran status are more than enough reason to make Mavericks fans hope for a championship. Should the Celtics be scared as Jrue just revealed he is?



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