Richard Keys shares what he noticed about Levy when the TV cameras cut to him during Spurs vs Bournemouth

Richard Keys has discussed what he observed about Daniel Levy after the triumph against Bournemouth when the TV cameras cut to the Tottenham Hotspur chairman.

Levy, according to Keys, appeared to be thrilled during the 2-0 victory on the south coast in his most recent blog post.

Following the opening-day draw against Brentford, Ange Postecoglou has led Tottenham to three straight victories in the Premier League.

Following multiple unsuccessful management decisions at Spurs over the past few years, Levy has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

Although Postecgolou’s tenure is still very much in its early stages, he appears to have chosen wisely this time.

Last week, Tottenham was eliminated from the League Cup at the first attempt. However, Postecoglou made up for it in the league by winning 5-2 at Turf Moor after a 2-0 victory against Bournemouth.

Keys also observed that Levy appeared to be in a good mood after the victory at Vitality Stadium.

Keys shares what Levy did during Spurs vs Bournemouth

Keys recounted what former Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves texted him about Levy over the weekend in his most recent blog article.

Geoff Shreeves sent me a message over the weekend that was jokingly suggestive that Daniel Levy knew exactly what he was doing all along, according to Keys. I had to grin. But maybe Levy did.

How happy was Levy when the Bournemouth TV cameras cut him off? Fair enough, he has a right to be content. Spurs are off to a fantastic start, and Ange-ball seems to be a winner.

As frequent readers are aware, I have frequently supported Levy. I realize that my position is unpopular, but I’ve always meant it.

“Levy has always supported coaches. They have all had wealth. He has always chosen the person he thought was the best.

While it’s true that things haven’t gone well many often, Levy doesn’t choose teams or send them to games.

After witnessing the football that Spurs are producing over the past few weeks, it is not surprising that Levy has appeared happy.

Over the past several years, he has faced greater pressure from Tottenham fans, but for the time being, the turbulence appears to have subsided a little.

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