Report: Tottenham player now set to be dropped and embarrassingly replaced by £45m Arsenal man

Brazil’s suffering for Richarlison could be caused by a £45 million Arsenal player who is waiting.

Richarlison, a forward for Tottenham, hasn’t exactly had the finest previous year or two for club and country.

Richarlison scored a last-minute goal against Sheffield United, but he hasn’t been in great form for Spurs, and Heung-Min Son has even replaced him as the center forward.

Richarlison has gone six games without scoring for the Selecao for Brazil as a result of his goalless performance against Venezuela on Thursday night. And rather embarrassingly, an Arsenal player could now take his place.

Gabriel Jesus likely to replace Richarlison for Brazil

Richarlison’s spot in Brazil’s starting XI is ‘increasingly threatened,’ according to Brazilian site Istoe, as his terrible form persists.

He was substituted for Jesus in the match against Venezuela, and according to the article, this is an indication that Brazil’s management is leaning toward giving Jesus a start soon enough.

Richarlison appears to have the support of his manager internationally for the time being. However, if he went another game without scoring, he might be benched, which would make Richarlison the bench warmer for both Brazil and Spurs.

Of course, Jesus and Arsenal supporters will be overjoyed to receive the honor. However, it is debatable as to whether the Arsenal forward can score goals as well.

Just not happening

Richarlison simply hasn’t experienced it since he joined the Spurs. His entry into the side should have been made easier by Harry Kane’s departure, but he is still having trouble.

Unfortunately, a striker simply has to be scoring goals, especially the number nine for Brazil. Richarlison isn’t doing that at the moment.

This could be an opportunity for Gabriel Jesus to solidify his spot in the starting lineup for Brazil and to score one or more goals to bolster his confidence in an Arsenal shirt as well. Gabriel Jesus actually cost Arsenal £45 million, which is about £15 million less than Richarlison.

Jesus’ personal track record isn’t all that either, as we all know. But for a Brazilian number nine to go six games without scoring is a long time, and Jesus will be itching to prove that the red side of London can help the Selecao.

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