REPORT: Oklahoma Thunders Suspended Chet Holmgren Due to…..

REPORT: Oklahoma Thunders Suspended Chet Holmgren Due to.....



It’s been a spectacular season to this point for Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren, playing a significant role in helping his team earn the second best record in the Western Conference. Averaging 17.4 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game, he’s already won both NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month honors that have been distributed in the 2023-24 campaign. As such, he is currently the favorite to win NBA Rookie of the Year.


Through the first 33 games of his career, Holmgren has been truly special. He’s already a cornerstone piece in Oklahoma City and a potentially generational talent.


But Just how historic could this season be for Holmgren? The 7-footer really has a chance to do two things that are extremely rare as a rookie.



For starters, Holmgren is making an NBA All-Star case already, earning the ninth most fan votes of any frontcourt player in the West so far. While this was just the first return in the fan vote, and there’s much more that goes into the selections, it speaks to the impression he has on the basketball community already. Getting it done on both ends of the floor, he’s truly one of the best centers in the NBA and hasn’t even played half a season yet.



Since 1985, only 10 rookies have earned an All-Star nod. It’s become increasingly difficult of late and hasn’t been accomplished by any player in the last 12 years. The last to do so was Blake Griffin with the LA Clippers in 2011, when he was also a rookie that was a full season removed from being drafted due to injury — just like Holmgren.


It’s going to take a strong several weeks leading up to final decisions on who makes the cut, but the Thunder center is making a real case for himself. He’s arguably the second most impactful player on a top five team in the NBA.


What would be even more historic for Holmgren would be earning NBA Defensive Player of the Year honors. No rookie in the history of the league has ever won this award, but it’s safe to say he has an outside chance. He’s averaging 2.6 blocks per game this season on his way to being top 10 in the NBA in Defensive Win Shares, Defensive Rating and Defensive Box Plus/Minus.


While it will require Holmgren taking his defensive impact to a whole new level to really make his case for this nod, Vegas oddsmakers already believe he’s firmly in the race. In fact, multiple sportsbooks have the rookie as the second most likely to win NBA Defensive Player of the Year, behind just Rudy Gobert.



To be clear, this doesn’t mean Holmgren is the second best defender in the NBA today. What it does mean is that he’s projected to be one of the frontrunners for the award when it comes time to decide towards the end of the season. In either case, it’s extremely rare that he’s already getting this much recognition.


There is a real chance that Holmgren doesn’t earn any awards this season, including Rookie of the Year. Especially considering he’ll be competing with Victor Wembanyama — who is a generational center prospect in his own right — it makes these honors even more difficult to obtain. Regardless, the fact that Holmgren is already in these discussions as a rookie goes to show how unique and special he has the chance to be.

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