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Report: Michigan Wolverines have backup plan in place if Jim Harbaugh leaves for NFL in 2024


The Michigan Wolverines just had an undefeated season that saw them win the national championship. They do, however, rank among the programs with the most unanswered questions as of 2024. Jim Harbaugh, the head coach, has been interviewing with the Los Angeles Chargers and may decide to play in the NFL.According to a recent story, the Wolverines already have a strategy in place in case he takes such action.already have a plan in place if he did that.

Michigan Wolverines Plan If Jim Harbaugh Leaves

Sherrone Moore, the offensive coordinator at Michigan, is the front-runner to succeed Harbaugh in his absence. It’s easy to understand why. Moore took over as head coach and went 3-0 when the head coach was suspended for the final three games of the regular season. What made the opposition so formidable was who they were. He defeated Penn State at Happy Valley and then defeated Ohio State at home. The middle game, which was against Maryland, had the potential to be a disappointment. Moore would provide continuity to the program, but there will probably be other contenders.

Getting Paid Regardless

The story also says the university will be paying its coordinators a lot of money even if Harbaugh stays. Moore and Jesse Minter, the defensive coordinator, are both eligible for large contract extensions. With all of the new teams joining, Michigan hopes to maintain its dominance in the Big Ten. Although the team naturally wants Jim Harbaugh to stay, they have a fantastic backup plan in case he does not.

The national title was won by the Michigan Wolverines. For fans, it lessens the significance of what happens next. The fact that their college football team won a championship cheers supporters up no matter what occurs because many programs would kill to get one.


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