Report: Daniel Levy’s role at Tottenham Hotspur is about to change


The Athletic claims that Daniel Levy’s position at Tottenham Hotspur is going to alter as a result of changes being made at the top of the organization.

Daniel Levy joined Tottenham in 1998 and assumed control as chairman in 2001. Since then, he has overseen all daily operations at the club, including the building of a brand-new training facility and stadium.

Spurs’ lack of success on the field during this time—they last won a trophy in 2008—has caused a great deal of discontent among the fan base toward their boss.

Daniel Levy’s role at Tottenham is about to change

Scott Munn was recently hired by Tottenham as their new chief football officer after Fabio Paratici resigned due to a FIFA ban.

Munn’s contract with City Football Group prevented him from beginning work right away, so Levy allegedly stepped in and was “heavily involved” in transfers over the summer.

Munn was expected to collaborate closely with Postecoglou on summer deals, but the Lilywhites were disappointed because Johan Lange has only recently started as the technical director.

The Athletic reports that Levy’s role will evolve once more as he gives Munn, Lange, and Postecoglou more influence over football operations and transfer negotiations after their recent additions.

Making use of Levy’s financial skills while simultaneously placing football wits in charge of football decisions looks to be a win-win situation for Tottenham. Levy has always been talented in this area.

Coach says Tottenham defender can also be used in midfield – As seen in training

Destiny Udogie has reportedly been used as a midfielder for the national team of Italy during training, according to manager Luciano Spalletti.

Following his achievements at Tottenham this season, where he has been an instant sensation under Ange Postecoglou, Udogie received his first Italy call-up this week.

The former Udinese player has started at left back in each game so far this season, though he occasionally plays as an inverted full-back when the Spurs are on the offensive.

Destiny Udogie is impressing for Italy and Tottenham

It is therefore not surprising that Spalletti was able to utilize Udogie’s skills on the pitch during Italy training, since the Spurs star has been becoming better with the ball with each passing game this season.

The 20-year-old has been one of the Premier League’s unexpected rising stars, and he will strive to keep up his strong play this month for both club and country.

Udogie (Tuttomercatoweb) was mentioned by Spalletti as someone who can play numerous positions. Udogie played as a midfielder (during practice) and can do so as well.

Given that Udogie’s prior experience was virtually entirely as a wing-back, I am astonished by how successful he has been in this role. If he keeps improving at this rate, this child has a very terrifying ceiling.

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