Read Aussie Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou’s hilarious reaction after Lionel Messi branded one of his Tottenham stars ‘the best in the world’

Following Lionel Messi’s declaration that Tottenham star Cristian Romero is the “world’s best defender,” Ange Postecoglou has said he won’t argue with the football legend.

Romero’s recent authoritative performance for Argentina against Ecuador delighted Messi, and he thinks there is no ceiling for the player he won the World Cup with in Qatar last year.

After the match in Buenos Aires, where the veteran scored the game-winning goal with a signature free kick, the Inter Miami attacker declared, “For me, he is the best defender in the world right now.”

He was our man of the match because of his amazing performance.

‘Aussie Ange’, who spoke to talkSPORT, claimed that he and Messi have the same opinions about Romero, a player who has emerged as a leader in north London.

“I’ll tell you what, playing against him [Romero] is not something I would enjoy.”

The majority of the boys dislike practicing with him. He’s a true competitor, which I adore about him.

“What you see is what you get with him, whether it’s in a game or during practice.”

Prior to making the move permanent in August of last year, Romero initially signed a loan agreement with Spurs from Italian club Atalanta.

After a successful start to his tenure in the Premier League, Postecoglou has, not for the first time in his managing career, silenced the critics.

Tottenham is only behind Manchester City in second place and has gone unbeaten after four games.

Spurs are also gaining a lot of supporters as a result of Postecoglou’s attack-oriented strategy.

The former Socceroos manager is also obviously enjoying his underdog status.

Following a hardly credible “backhand compliment” including a praise from pop star Robbie Williams, he recently left an English journalist red-faced.

When questioned about his creative usage of full-backs moving into the middle in August, he also humorously responded that he ‘simply copied Pep Guardiola’.

This weekend, Tottenham will play host to Sheffield United before the highly anticipated Arsenal-Tottenham derby on September 24 at Emirates Stadium.

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