‘OH NO’ Rassie Erasmus reveals death threats made against Springbok star and his family, absolutely unacceptable see what they said.

Following France’s quarterfinal loss to South Africa, Rassie Erasmus has spoken out over the threats made against Springbok Cobus Reinach and his little son.

When Rassie Erasmus released evidence of death threats made against Cobus Reinach and his young family, she exposed the intolerable level of hatred the Springboks had faced.

It is not well known that the French did not accept their quarterfinal defeat at the hands of the Springboks. There has been considerable outrage and horrible charges leveled against the South African team since that historic match and its outcome, which advanced the Springboks to the semi-finals and eliminated the hosts.

Rassie Erasmus uploaded a few screenshots on Thursday showing death threats made against Reinach and his little kid. This caused the amount of online hatred to significantly worsen.

Reinach, a Springbok who represents Montpellier in club rugby in France, received two hateful texts: one aimed at him and the other at his son; the second communication also contained a picture of the Springbok’s child.

The messages that contain threats of death basically translate as follows:

“Dirty son of a bitch, I hope that when you return to Montpellier, you get murdered by French people on the ground, gang of thieves easy to win a title by cheating.”The inscription, which also has a picture of Reinach Jr., reads, “Go die.”

Rassie Erasmus wrote in the title of his post after posting screenshots of the death threats on his own X (Twitter) account: “This is definitely not true. Unfortunately, Cobus Reinach received these threats! A mother and father find it offensive and upsetting to hear comments like that made about their son! However, we won’t moan; we’ll just carry on! Hulle won’t know what we know.


We do not really care about the message but all we know is that we are going to get England packing their bags to pay their families some heart breaking visit.

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