Raiders Finally signed Dak Prescott for $200 million

Raiders Finally signed Dak Prescott for $200 million



Dallas Cowboys Trade Rumors: Dak Prescott to Las Vegas Raiders for 4 NFL Draft Picks?


While the Dallas Cowboys are mired in inactivity while we approach the NFL Draft, rumors are swirling about a possible trade of quarterback Dak Prescott to the Las Vegas Raiders. Are they true?


Prescott enters 2024 without a contract beyond this season. That causes concern among Dak fans about his future in Dallas. But NFL analyst/schlock jock Craig Carton discussed an unverifiable rumor of a trade of Prescott to the Las Vegas Raiders.


“Well, there’s smoke in the air out of Dallas … there are starting to be rumors down there on Dallas sports talk radio that Dak Prescott is going to be traded. And the storyline, and I want to be clear, it’s unconfirmed, there are talks that the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders have had some conversations in which the Raiders would send four picks and maybe Gardner Minshew to Dallas to get the expiring contract of Dak Prescott. ”


Is there any truth to this? Carton (as usual) has it wrong. A USA Today piece speculated about what Dallas could get in a fantasy trade. That’s it. (We address the concept here in “What Could Dallas Really Get for Dak?”) It is not a “Dallas sports-radio rumor” … though we suppose a show host might’ve mentioned the USA Today piece.


By the way, that goes for the “Dak to New England” rumor, too; it’s just a media idea.


There is no “smoke in the air” outside of the speculation – rooted in Dallas’ inactivity and indecision – that maybe Dallas would be better off trading Dak than losing him as a 2025 free agent.


If the Cowboys are at all unsure about Prescott’s long-term fit in Dallas – and they obviously are – his trade value probably won’t be higher than it is right now. Would teams in need of a starting quarterback be willing to overpay in a negotiating battle for Prescott’s services? If the Cowboys ever really make an effort to explore that, we’ll let Cowboys Nation know.


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