Raiders DE Maxx Crosby Agreed to terms with 49ers today

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby Agreed to terms with 49ers today



Las Vegas Raiders star pass rusher Maxx Crosby recently got a taste of just how far and wide his infamous trash talking to former Indianapolis Colts and new Raiders.


quarterback Gardner Minshew had reached after Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James referenced it.



Of course, we’re talking about Crosby relentlessly calling Minshew a “little a– boy” during the Raiders’ Week 17 game against the Colts last season,

which Minshew revived the memory of when he wore a shirt donning the now-infamous line.


During a recent episode of Crosby’s podcast, The Rush, in which Minshew was a guest,

Crosby told the story of how he was at a Lakers game this when James randomly turned to him and referenced the line.


“He’s like kind of, you know, bending over, catching his breath,’

Crosby said of James. ‘He peeks to his left and just makes awkward eye contact, and I just kept looking at him and he’s like, ‘you better not call me a little a– boy.'”


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