“R.I.P” Ex-Raiders Rod Martin Confirm Dead Today After–___See More

"R.I.P" Ex-Raiders Rod Martin Confirm Dead Today After--___See More


Raider Nation favorite Rod Martin to be inducted in City Section Hal

Show more sharintin played football for Los Angeles Hamilton High, USC, the Los Angeles Raiders and the Oakland Raiders. He became an All-Pro linebacker. Among his teammates through the years were Jack Tatum, Marcus Allen, Jim Plunkett, John Matuszak, Lester Hayes, Art Shell, Dave Dalby, Todd Christensen and Raymond Chester. It goes on and on. He played with some of the best in NFL history.


He earned his own special place in the hearts of Raider Nation by becoming the only player in NFL history to have three interceptions in a Super Bowl. It happened in 1980 against the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Ron Jaworski.



“It was awesome,” he said. “I just thought I needed to get one of those passes that day.”


As much joy as he remembers from winning Super Bowl XIV, another special day is happening Sunday when he will be inducted into the City Section Hall of Fame for the class of 2020-21.


“I’m very excited. I love L.A. I love everything about the place,” he said.


Don’t anyone reveal where the ceremony will take place because there might be a stampede of Raiders fans dropping by. He remembers the love from Raiders fans everywhere.

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