Pundit says he ‘hates’ the fact Chelsea didn’t try to sign £40m Tottenham Wonderful player

Chelsea is having a terrible season.

The Blues have had a rollercoaster of a season, and although their purchase of young, talented players may pay off in the long run, things don’t seem very smart right now.

Due to Chelsea’s policy of only recruiting young players, some talented football players have gotten lost in the transfer market in the last 12 months.

James Maddison was reportedly passed over by Chelsea this summer because of his advanced age.

As he discusses Chelsea’s transfer policy on the Premier League All Access Podcast, Scott Minto expresses his distaste for the Blues’ decision to pass on Maddison this summer.

Chelsea need someone like Maddison

Minto discussed the £40 million man.

“I detest Chelsea’s decision to go under 25. They won’t touch them if they are older than 25. They are currently clamoring for Ivan Toney and James Maddison, two players they will most likely miss out on, according to Minto.


We can see why you would want to sign younger players, but you’ve lost perspective on the purpose of the game if you’re passing on a really talented 26-year-old for merely £40 million.

Yes, potential and resale value are very significant factors, but Maddison is a fantastic player who has the ability to contribute significantly to this Chelsea club right now.

The Blues are a squad that demands success all the time. Although they may have a strategy for winning in five years, they also need to concentrate on winning this season and the following one.

The peculiar policies that Chelsea is now following and its deliberate decision not to sign Maddison this summer


Tottenham could look at signing £17m striker this summer

This summer, Tottenham Hotspur might acquire a new striker.

After joining Bayern Munich, Harry Kane was not adequately replaced, and Spurs will eventually need to find a replacement for the England captain.

Since Kane’s departure, the north London club has not signed a new center-forward, but this summer, that might all change.

In fact, Lyall Thomas of Sky Sports has been talking about some of Spurs’ summer intentions on The Spurs Chat Podcast, and he has stated that Spurs may be in the market for a new striker.

Thomas claims that Tottenham might think about signing Serhou Guirassy this summer.

Guirassy could be an option for Tottenham

What Thomas knows about the £17 million striker was disclosed.

“It stands to reason that Serhou Guirassy and Santiago Gimenez will be among the players Tottenham considers and looks at if they decide to hunt for a new center-forward in the summer. These are two of the best-performing young attackers in Europe. Coaches, scouts, technical directors, and even club managers will discuss Guirassy and Santiago Gimenez in particular, according to Thomas.


To put it mildly, this rumour is really intriguing.

This season, Guirassy has been a revelation in the Bundesliga, and because of his release clause, he can be had at a relatively small price.

But since he’s only been performing at this level for a few months, it’s possible that this is really an exceptional blip in an otherwise mediocre career.

Though it would be difficult to argue that Guirassy is the Kane replacement the Spurs may be searching for this summer, he is undoubtedly worth a bet.

This summer, Tottenham might be in for a more tried-and-true alternative.

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