Pundit hints one player is stopping Tottenham from being genuine title contenders

Tony Cascarino has stated that if Tottenham Hotspur replaces Richarlison with a top-tier number nine during the January transfer window, they can be viewed as legitimate title contenders.

To the astonishment of many, Spurs are currently leading the Premier League standings after eight games. They have put on great performances thus far this season, so they very definitely deserve to be where they are.

Postecoglou, unlike his predecessor Antonio Conte, has not downplayed thoughts of a title challenge, saying that Tottenham fans have every right to get overexcited and harbor huge dreams (Optus Sport).

However, experts have mostly written off the Lilywhites as title challengers. For example, Gary Neville recently predicted that Postecoglou’s team will be exposed later in the season due to a lack of squad depth on his Sky Sports podcast and Robbie Savage also suggested the same on TEAMtalk.

What do Spurs need to mount a PL title challenge?

Cascarino thinks Spurs can compete with teams like City this year, but only if they sign a goal-scoring machine in January.

In response to the question of whether Tottenham can seriously contend for the title, he said to talkSPORT, “I think they would be if they can hold out until Christmas and then make a move that adds even more to their forward line, that is more natural, I think it’s inevitable.

In that forward line where you’re thinking there needs to be more from him, Richarlison is currently the one who is vulnerable unless he finds a specific area of his game where he excels to a significantly higher degree.

Postecoglou has enough choices with Son, Richarlison, and Veliz, so I doubt adding a number nine would be his main priority.A top-notch center-back is much more urgently needed because Romero or Van de Ven’s injury may spell tragedy.


‘I watch him closely’ – Alexander-Arnold admits he tries to learn from one Spurs star

Trent Alexander-Arnold acknowledged that he tries to pick up tips from watching James Maddison play and claimed that the Tottenham player is great at receiving the ball in between the lines.

Despite putting up some excellent numbers for what at times was a struggling Leicester City team over the past several years, Maddison’s talent was never in question. However, the midfielder has unquestionably raised his level of play since joining Spurs.

The 26-year-old has swiftly established himself as one of Ange Postecoglou’s team’s key offensive players, and his performances have been a major factor in Tottenham’s dominance in the Premier League.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a James Maddison fan

With seven goal contributions (five assists and two goals) to his record so far this season for the Lilywhites, Maddison has frequently been the difference in the final third. However, Alexander-Arnold is most pleased by his ability to receive the ball in confined places.

The Liverpool player told Channel 4 that James Maddison is an extraordinary talent who can receive the ball in confined situations.

He has worked on it and is really, really good at it. So, you know, I pay great attention to him during training to observe how he does.

How frequently does he check his shoulders? How does he know what’s nearby? When should he turn or set?

Before he joined Spurs, I was unaware of how fantastic Maddison’s feet were and how press-resistant he was. Ange Postecoglou has given him the opportunity to drop deep to receive the ball, and the 26-year-old always seems to have an image of his surroundings in his head.

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