Police find three people shot dead after a major house fire in Kentucky

KSP has not released the identities of the victims due to having to notify out-of-state family members. KSP said the fire was still under investigation Tuesday.


At one point Necheles highlighted a $40 “Stormy, Saint of Indictments” prayer candle she sold online, along with assorted other similarly themed items.


Trump’s attorney then accused her of profiting off Trump’s trial by “shilling merchandise,” prompting Daniels to fire back: “Not unlike Mr. Trump.”


The defense also clumsily reminded the jury of Daniels’ pornographic past, accusing her of “selling herself” as an exotic dancer as her anti-Trump stardom grew.


“You have a lot of experience making phony stories about sex,” Necheles said, implying Daniels’ encounter with Trump was fake.


“Wow. That’s not how I would put it. The sex in the films is very much real, just like what happened to me in that room,” Daniels replied.


She later quipped that if her story about sex with Trump “was untrue, I would have written it to be a lot better.”


Necheles wrapped up her cross examination with a statement-turned-question, saying that Daniels has changed her story “many times” without giving her a chance to respond.


Daniels told the court Tuesday that she found herself in Trump’s penthouse suite after meeting him at a Lake Tahoe golf tournament in the summer of 2006. She went into detail — sometimes too much detail, prompting a rebuke from Judge Juan Merchan — about how he invited her to dinner but wanted to meet beforehand in his hotel room, where ended up sharing a conversation and, she said, had sex.



Trump sat nearby, often closing his eyes. But he became so incensed by Daniels’ testimony that the judge urged his attorneys to warn him against making his feelings so obvious in front of the jury.


“I understand that your client is upset at this point,” Merchan told Trump’s attorneys during a sidebar on Tuesday, “but he is cursing audibly, and he is shaking his head visually and that’s contemptuous.”


“It has the potential to intimidate the witness and the jury can see that,” Merchan went on. “I am speaking to you here at the bench because I don’t want to embarrass him.”


Daniels spoke in a lighthearted manner with prosecuting attorney Susan Hoffinger, but became more rigid during cross-examination by Trump attorney Susan Necheles, which began Tuesday and continued Thursday, following a break in proceedings Wednesday.

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