Patriots QB Drake Maye Reach To Agreement With Raiders on 2-years Contract for____see-more….

Patriots QB Drake Maye Reach To Agreement With Raiders on 2-years Contract for____see-more....

New England Patriots Schedule: Just One Prime Time & No Byes After London Annoys Boston


Things were looking optimistic for the Patriots as they entered rebuilding mode. However, the 2024-25 NFL schedule release put cold water on Jerod Meayo & co’s plans.


New England being one of the weakest teams in the AFC East division as per last year’s record, were handed seemingly, the toughest schedule that offers no respite. After opening the season on the road against the Bengals with a fit Burrow, the Pats welcome the Seahawks to Gillette Stadium for the week 2 fixture. On top of all that, they are also one of the teams with only one primetime fixture.


In week three, New England travels to New York to face resurgent division rivals, the Jets and Aaron Rodgers. As if the game on the road wasn’t bad, the Pats take a challenging journey from the East Coast to the West Coast to battle against the Super Bowl runner-ups, the 49ers next.


The trip to Levi’s Stadium is followed by two home games which may seem like something to look forward to. But the Patriots travel again after that, only this time they have to cross the pond. As they fly to London to play the NFL international fixture against the Jacksonville Jaguars.


While most teams get a bye week around weeks 7-8, the Pats have to play 6 more games after the London fixture before they get a week’s rest from this congested schedule. They end the season with the 2 Bills games in the last 4 weeks.


The fans were left disappointed with their team being handed a tough and ‘hopeless’ schedule. They took to social media to express their frustration. Fans stated that given the strength of the schedule, the Patriots are likely to get another top-round pick.


Others stated that they are likely to win only 3-4 games and should use Maye for the last 4 matches. Few were disappointed to see only one primetime game. After 3-14 seasons, this schedule is deplorable. Fans said,

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