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One trade, cut and signing the Dallas Cowboys should make

The Dallas Cowboys’ disappointing playoff showing versus the Packers came after winning the NFC East. Even if the arrow is heading upward, considerable work needs to be done until 2024.

In light of that, the following are a trade, cut, and signing that the Cowboys ought to make.

TRADE: Bring in WR Stefon Diggs

With the Bills in 2020, Diggs has been a force to be reckoned with. He concluded the previous season with his sixth consecutive season of 1,000 yards. However, there are persistent rumors about his dissatisfaction in Buffalo, and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg believes it’s time for him to move to Dallas to live with his brother, cornerback Trevon Diggs.

“Buffalo is obviously over,” Greenberg declared. “It is, for reasons I cannot fathom. Why not bring him and his brother together in Dallas? He might be the element that the offense has been lacking in order to advance later in the season.”

It would take several selections to choose Diggs because he still has four years left on his contract. However, the Bills are currently $54 million above the salary cap, so Buffalo may be able to lose a player who is unhappy, like Diggs, and select a replacement.

CUT: WR Brandin Cooks

Cooks wouldn’t need to be retained if Dallas could pair Diggs with CeeDee Lamb. Next season, he will have a $10 million cap cost, but if he is released after June 1, the organization may save $8 million.

Cooks was acquired by the team throughout the summer in the hopes that he would establish himself as a reliable No. 2 receiver. Since Cooks finished the regular season with just 657 yards, tight end Jake Ferguson was awarded the distinction.

SIGNING: OT Tyron Smith

Left tackle is arguably the most crucial position in football, right behind the quarterback. Smith’s eight Pro Bowl nominations show that Dallas has a good one, although he isn’t signed beyond 2024.

Smith is ranked as the top tackler available and the 14th best free agent overall by Pro Football Focus. Smith should get a new deal if the Cowboys intend to invest heavily this offseason.

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