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Nick Saban: ‘Huge issue’ led to Alabama’s horrific final Rose Bowl snap

After Alabama-Michigan College Football Playoff Semifinal ended with Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Milroe diving headfirst into his offensive line on fourth-and-goal, the game ended in overtime, and the play is still a topic of discussion.

Since Seth McLaughlin mishandled the snap to Milroe, who seemed to panic and realize the Crimson Tide needed a score and an extra point to salvage the season, McLaughlin is, very literally, at the center of the controversy.

McLaughlin made poor snap decisions in the second half as well, which made people laugh at him because the Crimson Tide had struggled with it the entire season.

During his weekly interview on “The Pat McAfee Show,” head coach of the Crimson Tide Nick Saban talked about the snapping issues, particularly on the last play.

“The snap wasn’t very good. Now that your eyes are down, there was a low, shoelace snap. Making such kinds of cuts is more difficult as a result,” he stated.

Replay revealed that an offensive lineman had pulled over to Milroe’s left, creating a wide open space. But instead, he just ran straight into his line, and the Wolverines cheered as Milroe was dispatched practically instantly.

However, Saban identified a “huge issue” that he believes was a factor in the poor snaps.

McLaughlin believed he heard Milroe give a clap, signaling for the ball to be snapped.

“But our center was thinking that somebody was making a noise that sounded like clapping,” Saban explained. Additionally, he occasionally snapped the ball before we were ready and sometimes before. That poses a serious problem for our quarterback.

Nonetheless, Saban acknowledged that Milroe and McLaughlin had struggled to communicate during games and made poor snap decisions throughout the season. In addition, Saban mentioned that he and McLaughlin talked about the snaps following the Rose Bowl.

Prior to the season, McLaughlin was considered for the Rimington Trophy, which is given to the best center in the country. It is said that McLaughlin will be leaving Alabama and registering on the transfer portal.

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