NFL sends memo to clubs after incompetent officials cost Detroit Lions a win, blasting their officiating.

The NFL has written a letter to all clubs outlining the regulations of players reporting as eligible receivers, in a significant move that comes after a contentious game.

This action follows a controversial event that occurred during the Detroit Lions’ recent game against the Dallas Cowboys. In that game, a possible game-winning 2-point conversion was called back, which ultimately resulted in the Lions’ defeat.

The Memo’s Contents and Implications

The message addressed a crucial part of the game and emphasized how important it is for players to inform the referee of any changes in status in a clear and concise manner. It was underlined that in order to be considered an eligible receiver, players have to vocally declare their intention and physically signal up and down their chest.

The Controversial Play

A video of the play from the Lions vs. Cowboys game, in which Lions player Dan Skipper indicated he was reporting as an eligible receiver, was included in the letter. It was seen that he had made a similar motion earlier in the game. Nonetheless, Skipper has clarified that he never expressed verbally that he intended to report—a crucial component in line with the NFL’s explanation. The issue that might have lost the Lions the game had this disparity at its core.

The NFL’s Response

The NFL admits that there is uncertainty and confusion over this rule by delivering this memo. The memo, which may have been inspired by the Lions-Cowboys game event, emphasizes the value of clarity in such circumstances even though it does not openly acknowledge an officiating error. The fact that the league chose to cite the Lions’ play as an example in the memo serves to subtly emphasize the importance of the mistake and how it affected the result of the game.

NFL Provides Explanation note: All clubs have received a note from the NFL highlighting the correct protocol for players to report as eligible receivers. This comes after a contentious play in the Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game that resulted in the invalidation of a potentially game-winning 2-point convert.

  1. Specific Case of Dan Skipper: The memo included a video from the Lions-Cowboys game showing Dan Skipper of the Lions making a gesture to indicate reporting as eligible. However, Skipper claimed he did not verbally communicate his intent, a crucial requirement as outlined in the NFL’s memo.
  2. Although the NFL statement does not openly acknowledge an officiating error, it does subtly acknowledge the incident’s uncertainty and perplexity. This implies that the official call may have had an effect on how the Lions-Cowboys game turned out.
  3. The NFL statement acknowledges the incident’s confusion and bewilderment, but it does not explicitly admit an official error. This suggests that the outcome of the Lions-Cowboys game might have been influenced by the official call.

The Bottom Line

The NFL’s memo emphasizes the need of transparent communication on players’ status on the field in response to the controversy surrounding the Lions’ loss to the Cowboys. This episode is a teaching moment for players and teams throughout the league, as well as a reflection on the NFL’s officiating standards. This explanation is not very comforting for the Detroit Lions, since the ramifications of the controversial call are still being felt.

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